Beginners attend a scuba training session under Samia Balistrou (not pictured) in Tipaza, Algeria August 16, 2015. Samia, a dive pioneer in Algeria and Africa, owns a diving club called "Under The Sea" and teaches scuba diving. According to local media, Samia was the first woman in North Africa to be a certified Divemaster, and says she has devoted her life to promote environmental awareness. Reuters/Zohra Bensemra

Mornington Pier saw two deaths on Friday morning because of a scuba diving accident.

Local authorities went to the beach and found the bodies in the beach 57km south of Melbourne, as reported by Herald Sun. The rescue team reported that one man was already dead when they arrived at the scene and one woman was trapped under the pier.

According to The Age, a local alerted the police after seeing the bodies of the divers floating under the Mornington Pier. The first body has been retrieved.

The details of the accident are still yet to be confirmed but the police are gathering witnesses to find out what happened. They are at Mornington investigating the scene to determine what could have caused the scuba divers’ deaths.

Mornington Pier is locally known for being a popular scuba diving spot. The unidentified man and woman were reported to be diving off Schnapper Point Drive.

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