Wonder Woman dominates US' list of most Googled Halloween costumes for 2017

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Google Trends has revealed the most popular Halloween costume in the United States this year. The search giant found that Wonder Woman tops the list.

The recently released data from Google determines that Harley Quinn and clowns also dominated the search in several states. Pirates are widely searched in the coastal community of Naples. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are also popular today.

Google breaks ideas down state by state. The most Googled Halloween costumes this year are the following:

Alaska: Ninja
Alabama: Wonder Woman
Arkansas: Clown
Arizona: Wonder Woman
California: Wonder Woman
Colorado: Wonder Woman
Connecticut: Wonder Woman
District of Columbia: Harley Quinn
Delaware: It
Florida: Wonder Woman
Georgia: Harley Quinn
Hawaii: Wonder Woman
Iowa: Wonder Woman
Idaho: Rabbit
Illinois: Wonder Woman
Indiana: Dinosaur
Kansas: Wonder Woman
Kentucky: Clown
Louisiana: Wonder Woman
Massachusetts: Wonder Woman
Maryland: Wonder Woman
Maine: Superhero
Michigan: Wonder Woman
Minnesota: Zombie
Missouri: Clown
Mississippi: Mouse
Montana: Dinosaur
North Carolina: Wonder Woman
North Dakota: Unicorn
Nebraska: Wonder Woman
New Hampshire: Rabbit
New Jersey: Wonder Woman
New Mexico: Harley Quinn
Nevada: Wonder Woman
New York: Wonder Woman
Ohio: Harley Quinn
Oklahoma: Wonder Woman
Oregon: Unicorn
Pennsylvania: Harley Quinn
Rhode Island: Witch
South Carolina: Harley Quinn
South Dakota: Witch
Tennessee: Wonder Woman
Texas: Wonder Woman
Utah: Witch
Virginia: Wonder Woman
Vermont: Catwoman
Washington: Wonder Woman
Wisconsin: Zombie
West Virginia: Clown
Wyoming: Joker

Google News Lab’s Frightgeist is a database backed by Google searches in the United States. It can be used to keep track of the most popular costumes every year.

The Google Frightgeist tool can present data in many ways. For those who want to dress local, a switch on the Frightgeist can be flipped to find the top five outfits in a specific area.

Frightgeist also has a Costume Map mode that allows users to see which outfits are trending and where. The release of the horror movie “It” appears to make “clowns” big in Stephen King’s home state of Maine.

In other news concerning All Hallows' Eve, Amazon's Alexa smart speakers offer spooky games to play. The Magic Door, for instance, is an interactive adventure game, and the Dark Forest Path can take users to Witch's mansion in search of the Wise Wizard.

Alexa can also read scary stories with the Boo Bot skill. This skill can be enabled by saying "Alexa, ask Boo Bot for a scary story,” and Alexa will start reading a story from the /r/shortscarystories subreddit.