‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 episode 7 spoilers: Confusion about Theo; Mystery behind wallpaper

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Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf. Facebook/teenwolf

“Teen Wolf” season 6 episode 7, “Heartless” will show the confusion within Scott (Tyler Posey) as he talks to Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) about Theo (Cody Christian). The latest promo of episode 7 shows that Scott is unable to trust Theo. It will also reveal the mystery behind the wallpaper in the Stilinski's house.

In the latest promo of “Teen Wolf” season 6 episode 7, Liam asks Scott whether he trusts Liam or not. Scott replies that he does not trusts Theo. Liam tries to explain, “I think we can use him.” Scott reminds him how Theo got into Liam’s head and persuaded him to kill Scott.



“This might be a mistake but you don’t know that yet,” says Liam. Both of them are trying to find out Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) but the confusion of whether or not Theo will prove to be trustworthy still prevails in their minds. Liam further talks about how they need to try everything to find Stiles, even Theo. The clip ends with Scott saying, “Convince me.”

In the last episode, the Sheriff (Linden Ashby) was seen looking at the torn wallpaper in the Stilinski household. The wallpaper in their hallway was earlier torn by Lydia (Holland Roden) when she felt something strange about the wallpaper. As the Sheriff, Stiles’ father, approaches the wallpaper, he keeps on staring at it. He peels the wallpaper more and his eyes are seen to be wide open. The mystery behind the wallpaper will be revealed in episode 7, “Heartless.”



Other clips of the episode revealed that Theo will appear heartless as he encounters his dead sister. A number of twists are expected to take place in “Teen Wolf” season 6 episode 7. Viewers will be waiting to see if Liam is able to convince Scott about Theo and mystery is present behind the wallpaper. The MTV show airs on Tuesdays at 9PM in the US. In Australia, season 6 starts from Jan.21 at 9:30PM on FOX8.