‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 episode 7 spoilers: Theo appears heartless; Parrish fired up

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Theo (Cody Christian) will be seen heartless in “Teen Wolf” season 6 episode 7, according to the latest promo of the MTV supernatural series. Another clip shows Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley) getting fired up as he goes into a Hellhound mode.

In the recent promo released by MTV, it can be seen that Theo feels haunted by his dead sister. He is seen walking through a corridor. All of a sudden, he turns his back and sees his supposedly dead sister crawling towards him. He notices that her chest appears hollow and without a heart. Theo is taken aback. He tries to move backwards but stumbles and falls on the ground. His sister holds him by the leg. She penetrates her hand inside Theo’s chest and pulls out his heart, leaving him heartless. It can be assumed that season 6 episode 7 has gotten its name “Heartless” from this incident.



Season 5 saw Lydia getting a vision of where Theo’s sister is seen without a heart. It was found out that the Dread Doctors had transplanted the heart to Theo to turn him into the first Chimera. Later, his sister drags him underground leaving his fate unknown.

In the last episode of “Teen Wolf” season 6, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry), Hayden (Victoria Moroles) and Douglas (Pete Ploszek) made a plan to stop the Ghost Riders that led to the resurrection of Theo. With almost no power left, Theo agrees to help fight the Ghost Riders but more importantly he remembers Stiles. Episode 7, “Heartless,” is going to bring a new change in the fate of Theo.

Other than Theo, Jordan Parrish is expected to play an important role in the next episode. He was last seen in the fourth episode of the current season where the Ghost Riders shot him. It will be interesting to find out what Parrish will be doing in episode 7 as his body gets fired up. This is because of his hellhound side.



 The MTV show airs on Tuesdays at 9PM in the US. In Australia, season 6 starts from Jan.21 at 9:30PM on FOX8. It will be interesting for the viewers to find out how Theo appears heartless and Parrish gets fired up in “Teen Wolf” season 6 episode 7.