Steam sale: Save over US$115 on 10 games with Predator Bundle (-97%)

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Gamers looking for something to hunt would love the Predator Bundle. This collection of 10 ravenous titles includes everything from apparent cannibalism to killer sharks, all for just US$2.99 (AU$3.74). Prey on the package’s best games below.

'Dead Effect 2' | Action, Survival, Zombies, FPS, RPG, Horror | Normal Price: US$11.99 (AU$15.01)

The sequel to the original sci-fi shooter pushes the boundaries of the FPS genre to new heights thanks to its smooth graphics, rich storyline and RPG elements. Single-player missions are available for lone gamers but the co-op multiplayer mode is the ultimate option. Pick a character to develop and mould, amass and upgrade a variety of weapons and accessories, and take over the monster-ridden vessel.

“Dead Effect 2” features over 20 hours of gameplay and 170 elaborate achievements. The game also boasts of a great downloadable soundtrack alongside its massive collection of available gear, including over 40 upgradable armaments, more than 30 special abilities and over a hundred items and impants.

'The Bug Butcher' | Action, Shoot 'Em Up, Arcade, Bullet Hell, 2D, Platformer | Normal Price: US$7.99 (AU$10.00)

This fast-paced 2D side scrolling shoot ‘em up game pays homage to the pioneering arcade shooter “Super Pang,” where threats come from above. The modern reiteration, however, includes new elements and a breakneck game speed that makes it seem like the classic arcade platformer was on steroids. In short, it’s pest control with machine guns in space.

'Space Rangers HD: A War Apart' | Space, RPG, Strategy, Adventure, Simulation, Open World | Normal Price: US$14.99 (AU$18.77)

It’s 3,300 AD, and the galaxy has been taken over by sentient mechanical beings called the Dominators. Battle these machines both in space and hyperspace in order to stand a chance and preserve life. The Dominators have entire planets held in captivity and they aren’t stopping anytime soon.

“Space Rangers HD: A War Apart” is the remastered version of the classic sci-fi sequel, complete with all the goodies from the “Reboot” expansion pack plus enhanced HD graphics. What’s more, it comes with over 10 new text adventures, more than 15 planetary battle maps, over 15 all-new musical themes and more than 20 government missions alongside new equipment and micromodules,

All Steam keys included in the Predator Bundle are provided by each game’s licenced publisher and are sent to purchasers instantaneously. The whole set offers US$115.90 (AU$145.12) or 97 percent in total savings, so go over to Bundle Stars before August 11 to cash in on this deal.

The Predator Bundle complete product line-up:

  1. Blue Estate The Game
  2. Dead Effect 2 + Bonus Dead Effect
  3. Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh
  4. Neverending Nightmares
  5. Odallus: The Dark Call
  6. Shark Attack Deathmatch 2
  7. Space Rangers HD: A War Apart
  8. Standby
  9. Survivalist
  10. The Bug Butcher


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