Sochi Olympics 2014: ‘Stop Sharing My Topless Photos’, Pleads Controversial Lebanese Skier Jackie Chamoun (VIDEOS)

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YouTube/So Acidentes

The uproar over her topless photo taken three years ago is distracting Lebanese alpine skier Jackie Chamoun from concentrating on competing in the ongoing Sochi Winter Olympics.

In her Facebook post, the pretty 22-year-old athlete apologised for the furor her topless photo caused and pleaded to the public to stop sharing her topless photos which appeared on an Austrian calendar.

The controversy generated by her pictorial has divided Lebanon, and even the world, with one group critical of her display of flesh and the other group supportive of what she did.

Ski Lebanon tweeted, "We wish #jackiechamoun the best of luck in the Olympics and always proud of our Lebanese racers. Go Jackie!"

Many Lebanese and even non-Lebanese joined the #StripforJackie Twitter campaign by taking topless or naked selfies and posting them on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to show their solidarity with the beleaguered Olympian.

YouTube/Dann Sayegh

Samsung Lebanon even launched a contest titled What would you gift Jackie Chamoun on Valentine's Day? and invited people to share their ideas and win a prize.

Other Lebanese citizens used the opportunity to point out that the country has bigger problems than the uncovered breasts of a 22-year-old skier.

Marie-Joe tweeted: "In Lebanon where no one has ever been charged for speeding, or arrested for drunk driving, where toaster-wielding wife-murderers walk free, where kidnappers are scarcely scrutinized, and public bombings often go un-investigated, you would think showing your nude body wouldn't cause much of a problem. Especially when tourism is at an all-time low."

The sentiment was shared by Salwa Ghaly who tweeted her photo holding a paper with the words: "My Concern is Bombs not Boobs."

But it seems it is not only Jackie who is controversial and loves to bare some skin in Lebanon. Lina Kobeisi asked "What about Myriam Klink?"

Klink is a model, turned singer and activity who had equally courted controversy because of the little clothing. Here's a sample.