Snowy Hydro 2.0 to create more than 5000 jobs

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A job advert for a local fast food outlet hangs on a wall in a shopping center located in central Sydney, Australia, in this March. Reuters/David Gray

Snowy Hydro 2.0 is providing jobs to 350 people, and it will generate over 5,000 new jobs during the construction phase. It has the capacity to provide 350,000 MW/h of power for one week, sufficient to meet peak demand for at least 500,000 homes.

The project will contribute in safeguarding the energy security of the eastern seaboard, specifically during cold winter nights and warm summer days. On Monday, the Turnbull government confirmed that a new $8 million accelerated agreement between Snowy Hydro and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency had been reached to drive planning for the construction of the project.

Under the deal, Snowy will provide details on future trends for pumped hydro and energy demand. It will also share information on technology like reversible pumps or variable load generation, which will help the potential next wave of pumped hydro projects like the nine pumped projects being examined in Tasmania.

ARENA is reportedly finalising details on the injection of funding with Snowy Hydro Ltd. According to a media release, the total spending on the planning stage will be $29 million. It will be completed before the year ends.

Extensive analysis is ongoing on the western side of the mountains around Tumut. The project is expected see 29 km of tunnels between the reservoirs in the Snowy Mountains region during the first stage of construction.

20th annual Australia-China Defence Strategic Dialogue

In other news, defence has welcomed senior officials from China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) as part of the 20th annual Australia-China Defence Strategic Dialogue. It is a key part of regular bilateral engagement activities.

“The Australia-China Defence Strategic Dialogue provides a useful forum in which frank and open discussion on a number of regional challenges can occur,” Vice Chief of the Defence Force VADM Ray Griggs said, according to a media release. Griggs and Deputy Secretary Strategic Policy and Intelligence  Rebecca Skinner co-chaired the discussions with the Chinese delegation. It was led by Major General Shao Yuanming, Joint Staff Department under the Central Military Commission.

Skinner recognised that the country’s bilateral defence relationship with China was strong and underpinned by a common interest in ensuring a “strong, stable and prosperous region.” “Our relationship will continue to grow in 2018 through a program of regular engagement activities, including strategic dialogue, joint exercises, educational exchanges and ship visits,” she said. The 21st Australia-China Defence Strategic Dialogue is slated to take place in China next year.

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