Robbie Maddison cheats death during 'Pipe Dream' advert for DC Shoes

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 FMX rider Robbie Maddison performs a stunt at the 2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles May 20, 2007.
IN PHOTO: FMX rider Robbie Maddison performs a stunt at the 2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles May 20, 2007. The show honors the most outstanding stunt professionals from all over the world for their extraordinary performances. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Australian motorbike rider Robbie Maddison  performed a perilous stunt during his commercial for DC Shoes when he took his bike on a surfing challenge on one of the most terrifying waves in the world, in Teahupo’o in Tahiti.  He displayed courage and great skill in the stunt that almost led to his death.

In his interview with the Rolling Stone , the former surfer known as “Maddo” revealed that at one point during the stunt, his friends and the crew thought he had drowned from the waves. Maddison reportedly hit a “West bomb” wave that could have crushed him to death.

“It was the most violent ride I've ever been on, tumbling beneath the surface in full gear. Over the next four or five minutes, I only had two split-second moments when my head broke the surface and I could take in a fast breath, only to be yanked back down and tumbled with my bike,” Maddison said.

The 34-year old recalled going limp after being knocked down on the back by his bike after the wave had crashed down on him.  He reportedly managed to wave for help after briefly popping out from the water.

Despite the near-death experience, Maddison revealed that he is happy to have finally fulfilled his dream of bringing both his passion for surfing and motor bike riding together.  

Maddison’s extreme sports feat for DC Shoes reportedly took two years of preparation and trial and error. The Rolling Stone details the engineering methods that had to be ensured prior to the stunt, which includes Maddison having to build custom skis with skegs at the bottom that act as rudders, this way he gains more control over the bike even on water. A paddle tire that served as the propeller was also attached to the bike’s rear to help the motor move forward. The publication says Maddison opted for a simple two-stroke motor since its engine can handle enough water intake.

In the near-four minute video, the 34-year old Australian dirt bike rider starts to build up his momentum by riding through river banks and on the rough terrains of the French Polynesian forests. He then takes his KTM 250 SX equipped with skis straight to the high waves of Teahupo’o, passing by swimmers and kayakers. Even as strong waves topple over him, Maddison maintained his balance on the bike and drove through the waters in great form.

Maddison’s “Pipe Dream” advertisement for DC Shoes, which is posted on the label’s official YouTube channel , has gained over seven million views as of this writing.   The Guardian reports that even less than 24 hours after it was posted on Sunday, it already racked up almost four million views.

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Source:YouTube/ DC Shoes