‘Plants vs. Zombies 2’ New Neon Mixtape Tour Side A Update Review: 3 New Plants, Time Warping And Thumping Zombies

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Plants vs. Zombies 2
"Plants vs. Zombies 2" has already gotten the Neon Mixtape Tour Side A update, and for a limited time, players can get the Squash and Imitater to help in the adventure. Twitter/PlantsvsZombies (via https://twitter.com/PlantsvsZombies/status/631902919105777664)

A new world has hit “Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time,” and it brings some new groovy plants and trickier zombies. There are a total of 16 new levels in the latest update, dubbed the Neon Mixtape Tour Side A.

As the usual update goes for “Plants vs. Zombies 2,” there is another half, presumably called Side B. In the upcoming update, more plants, zombies and the Endless run for the Neon Mixtape Tour world.

Preview: 16 new levels, new plants to defend

The first level is easy enough, and will reward the player with the Phat Beet, which is a rather iconic take on the beet and beats, complete with its leafy headphones. The Phat Beet shows off its powers as a pre-picked plant in the second level. Here, the Phat Beet thumps damage to zombies in three rows, on the top and bottom from where the Phat Beet is planted.

Moving on to Day 3 will show off the Cactus, which was previously teased during the recently concluded Pinata Party. Sadly, those who were looking forward to getting the Cactus via the in-game currency gems will be disappointed—it’s a premium plant that would require real-money currency to buy.

Once the player gets past the stage for producing 2,000 suns with pre-picked plants—surprisingly easier than previous stages—players will get the last plant in the game, the Thyme Warp. This sends all the zombies back to where they started, again very useful when the going gets tough with all of the more powerful zombies.

New zombies, extra powerful moves

Among the new zombies that players will encounter is the Punk Zombie, an average rocker with a pink Mohawk, leather jacket and a lot of piercings. Since Day 5 involves protecting endangered plants, players need to be careful of this zombie, as the change in music—also signified by the row of fire at the top and bottom borders of the plant field—triggers the Punk Zombie to start rocking out and kicking nearby plants to the next square plot.

Compared to previous worlds, the Neon Mixtape Tour update of “Plants vs. Zombies 2” has more difficult levels. With zombies developing more challenging powers and surprisingly fewer plant food dropped by zombies, players need to either buy plant food or make use of Power-Ups.

Tricks, tips and what a very useful must-have plant

In the first few levels, one helpful trick would be to use and boost the Infi-nut at the start of the level. This way, it can shield all the rows at the same time, protecting the plants from the Punk Zombie and allowing players to gather more sun and plants. Challenge aside, the reward is a great plant, the Celery Stalker.

Also, a plant that could make a good comeback from previous levels the Kernel-pult. The occasional butter throw could easily thwart the movement of the Punk Zombies, MC Zom-B and Glitter Zombie.

One cool offer that players should take advantage of is the fact that the Squash is now offered for gems instead of cash at a limited time. This is great news for freemium players who have accumulated enough gems, as Squash can be very useful in sticky situations when the Punk Zombie and the Glitter Zombie comes too close to the house.

Make sure to check out the newest update for “Plants vs. Zombies 2.” It’s already out for both the iOS and Android.

"Plants vs. Zombies 2" Neon Mixtape Tour (Credit: YouTube/Plants vs. Zombies)

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