'Outlander' season 3 episode 9 preview: Wild ride to Jamaica

By @sachintrivedig on
A picture from the production set of Starz TV series "Outlander season 3, in Cape Town, South Africa. Starz/ Facebook

The sea voyage of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) will begin in the next episode of “Outlander” season 3. The couple will launch a daring rescue that will take them as far as Jamaica, but they have to face a lot of challenges on the journey first.

The preview of episode 9 released online (see below) shows Claire telling Jamie that they have to rescue Young Ian (John Bell). The duo will get on a ship and set sail. But the journey will not be smooth.

On the way, a British Man of War will stop the ship. The Scotsman will be worried that the British officer has the right to force any subject of his country into service.

The captain is facing troubles of his own and needs help. There is an outbreak of plague on the ship, and he is in need of a surgeon. Jamie has never liked the idea of his wife working with the sick, but Claire is bound by her oath to help people in need of medical assistance.

A sneak peek scene posted on YouTube shows unexpected visitors on the ship. Fergus (César Domboy) will arrive with Jamie’s daughter Marsali (Lauren Lyle), and the two will announce their intention to get married.

Marsali hasn’t told her mother yet, and Jamie will want to send her back home. Marsali will threaten to tell everyone that she slept with Fergus, which would ruin her reputation, so Jamie will let the two love birds accompany him to Jamaica.

There will not only be intense drama in the next episode. A preview video posted on YouTube teases an intimate scene between Jamie and Claire. Fans will get to see the kind of troubles Young Ian will face at the hands of his captors.