Oculus Touch controller delayed to second half of 2016

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Oculus Rift Headset
Software designer Julian Kantor (L), who created "The Recital", takes a picture of Jonathan Feng using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to experience his program during E3 in Los Angeles, California in June 12, 2013. Reuters

Past years have seen major advancements in virtual reality gaming and things are looking to become better next year with more plans in the pipeline for the technology. One of the gadgets which spearheaded the technology is the Oculus Rift VR. The company behind the device has some recent news for fans regarding the release date of the Oculus Touch controller which is scheduled to launch this year.

The Oculus Rift VR is scheduled to launch commercially in the first quarter of 2016, and it was announced that the Oculus Touch will launch shortly after. The company did not give any specific reason for the delay, but it does state that more time is needed to perfect the device.

“On Touch hardware, we’ve made significant advances in ergonomics, and we’re implementing many changes that make Touch even more comfortable, reliable, and natural,” said the statement posted on the official blog of Oculus. “We’re also implementing changes that improve hand pose recognition,” it added.

The launch of the Oculus Touch controller has been moved to the second half of 2016. The company notes that preorders for the device will be available months prior to the launch date. Despite the delay, Oculus will still roll out the Oculus Touch controller to developers so players should expect a handful of Touch compatible games when the device officially launches. Several developers and reviewers have had a hands-on take on the Oculus Touch controller and so far, things are looking good for the device.

What’s good is that the VR headset from Oculus will push through its promised launched date. In a tweet sent out by Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey, the Oculus Touch controller, which is slated to work well with the Oculus VR headset, might come later than expected.