Man Who Swallowed Alive Goldfish Banned From Keeping Pets

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IN PHOTO: Goldfish, kept in plastic bags for sale, are seen on the street in Algiers February 17, 2010. REUTERS/Louafi Larbi

The man from South Wales who swallowed the alive goldfish he won at a fairground stall has been fined 200 pounds. The whole act was video recorded and later posted online on Facebook by the boy himself.

The step taken by the 22-year-old Callum Clatworthy-Robins has been deeply condemned by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) officials. According to the officials, the fish would have survived in the stomach of the boy for a few minutes before finally collapsing due to the gastric acids.

Reportedly, the "Neknominate" craze of the year 2014 inspired the unemployed boy to eat the whole fish. In the video posted online, the boy can be seen pronouncing "a live goldfishire" before finally putting the little creature down his throat.

A friend of Clatworthy-Robins can be heard saying "get it down you Zulu warrior," in the video as well. The video ends with a zoomed-in picture of the empty mouth of the boy, with an applauding appreciation noise in the background.

In addition to the imposed fine, the boy has been banned from keeping a pet for the next three years. Despite knowing about the Animal Welfare Act 2006, Clatworthy-Robins admitted causing harm to the little animal.

"He recorded himself removing the fish from the bag and swallowing it, then posted it onto Facebook,” said Prosecutor Jon Tarrant in a statement. He added, "This was pointless and he has apologised, he said he was under the influence of drink and it was an act of bravado and showboating to his friends."

The Mirror reports that the boy got drunk at the fairground, where he went with a group of friends. Afterwards, he went on to a number of amusement stalls, trying to win a goldfish. As soon as he got the wish as a prize, the group left the fair in Maesteg, South Wales, and the boy decided to eat the helpless animal alive. "I'm very sorry I totally regret what I did, if I could go back I wouldn't do it, it was a drunken moment," confessed Clatworthy-Robins in the court.

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