Neknominate Craze: UK Man Drinks Urine With Live Goldfish, Alarms RSPCA

By @chelean on

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has joined the neknomination craze, not to scull a bottle of liquor, but to condemn a man in Derby, UK after he drank a revolting concoction of cider, raw eggs, his own urine, and three live goldfish.

#Neknominate is a hashtag trend on social media, in which a participant sculls a whole bottle of liquor in a creative but often dangerous way before nominating two others to beat him in the game.

Called an irresponsible drinking game, neknomination has already claimed the lives of two Irishmen and almost killed a man in New Zealand.

The latest neknominate participant has left the RSPCA and the Derbyshire Police unimpressed with his shenanigan.

In a video that was uploaded on one of the several Neknomination Facebook pages, the man is seen dressed only in a bowtie and a g-string while mixing his outrageous brew – which include cider, raw eggs, engine oil, urine, and the three goldfish – before drinking it straight from the glass.

While there are viewers who thought the unnamed man’s neknomination entry was edgy and entertaining, the RSPCA thought it was unacceptable, while the police said it was dangerous.

Because there were live goldfish that were involved, the RSPCA received more than a dozen reports of animal cruelty from people who watched the footage.

Apparently, it was not the only Neknominate participant who chugged down goldfish. There were several others who have done similar thing.

“We are extremely concerned about this shocking new trend. We have had quite a few similar cases reported to us in a very short space of time – but this could be just the tip of the iceberg as there’s probably many more we have not been told about,” RSPCA wildlife scientist Nicola White said.

“Eating a live animal and posting of a film of it on the Internet is not some light-hearted joke – it is unacceptable. It sends out a clear message that animal cruelty is ok as long as it is in the guise of entertainment.

“We urge people not to take part in this horrible craze and to report to us anyone who is taking part.”

Eating live fish is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act in the UK. The RSPCA is currently investigating several cases involving the consumption of live fish.

The Derbyshire Police, on the other hand, has issued a warning after watching the video and other Neknominate footages.

“Drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short space of time can have very serious consequences,” a spokesman for the Derbyshire Police was quoted by the Derby Telegraph as saying.

“Apart from the risk of accidents or injury as a result of drinking to excess and partaking in inappropriate behaviour, those involved could also be putting themselves in danger of becoming a victim or perpetrator of crime.”