Large Alligator Jumps On Alabama Dock & Eats Dog

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(IN PHOTO) An alligator lies on the bank in the Pantanal wetlands near in Pocone outside World Cup host city Cuiaba June 22, 2014. On days between World Cup games, Pantanal - the planet's largest wetlands and almost as big as Britain - draws fans from around the world who have come to the host city of Cuiaba, located in the exact geographical center of South America. In lobbying World Cup organizers FIFA for host city status, Cuiaba and the Brazilian government touted the wildlife - an estimated 1,000 bird species, 300 mammals and 9,000 invertebrates - they could show tourists on their doorstep. They hope the exposure during the high-profile tournament puts Pantanal on people's travel wish-lists for years to come. Picture taken June 22. Reuters

Hungry reptiles don’t distinguish between humans and animals when it sees a prey as its next meal. Just weeks after a crocodile was seen by horrified British tourists eating a man while they were on a cruise on a river in Zimbabwe in March, a 100-pound dog was the next victim of a large alligator.

The incident happened over the weekend, according to WPMI. The 100-pound female dog named Mavis was near a boat launch at Arlington Park in Mobile, Alabama.

The large reptile suddenly leapt out of the water and grabbed Mavis. Passersby who witnessed the gruesome incident were horrified by what they saw. Chris Wilson from Midtown, the brother of the dog’s owner, confirmed the tragedy that befell their family pet.

Mavis was not just a family pet but was the neighbourhood's pet, according to Nicole Lavirriere, the neighbour of Wilson. “She had regular houses that she went to get treats from … She knew how to pretty much open up our back door and come in like she wanted to,” Lavirriere recalls, quotes Sun Times.

Local residents are now fearful that the alligator would attack again and eat another pet or a small child. Officials from the state’s Wildlife and Fisheries are hunting for the alligator.

The park is a favourite leisure spot for locals. Some said they have spotted smaller alligators measuring two to three feet swimming in the river by the park.

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