Kia displays transformer car in vehicle show

Video goes viral with almost 7 million hits hours after posting on Facebook
By @vitthernandez on
Kia Motors
Kia cars are reflected in the Hyundai auto logo at a shipping yard of South Korea's biggest automakers Hyundai Motor Co and sister company Kia Motors at a port in Pyeongtaek July 21, 2014. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

A video of a car made by South Korea vehicle manufacturer Kia has gone viral with almost 7 million views hours after it was posted on Facebook by Taiguer. Kia wowed attendees at a car show as it showed the white vehicle change from a regular passenger automobile to a robot-like design.

Tformers reports that the SUV splits its panels and slowly rises to a standing position. The front and back door panel moves forward and the roof and windshield lift. At this point, the chassis divides into two with the back passenger seat and trunk remaining on its original position while the front seat and engine part rises in a vertical position, the engine pointing downwards.

“Arms” then move from both sides to create the robot like appearance of the vehicle, aptly called the Kia Transformer Edition. Finally, the parts move again and return to the original look.

The video was reposted several times on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Kia has not officially announced the launch of the vehicle. The video also does not indicate where the auto show was held, although the original post by Taiguer had a brief description in Portuguese language that reads “E foi assim que nasceu o primeiro Autobot” which translates in English as “And so it was that was born from the first autobot.”

On Tuesday, Kia Motors America announced its best February sales of 49,737 vehicles which was a 13 percent compared to the same period in 2015. It was the Kia brand's 10th straight monthly hike in sales with the Soul and Optima as bestsellers. The Soul sold 11,842 units, while the Optima sold 9,630 units.