For Islamic State, it’s OK to harvest organs from living donors to save Muslim lives

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A copy of "Fatwa on Terrorism and Suicide Bombings" written by Sufi cleric and leader of the Minhaj-ul-Quran, Muhammad Tahirul Qadri lies among literature available at the Mississauga Muslim Community Centre in Mississauga, January 18, 2013. The cleric has held several lectures at the Community Centre, located just west Toronto, Ontario. Qadri recently returned to Pakistan after living in Canada for several years to lead a call for reforms that has made him an instant hit among Pakistanis disillusioned with the state. Photo taken January 18, 2013. Reuters/Mark Blinch

Organ donation and harvesting has been an accepted practice because it help saves lives. However, the act usually involves some personal involvement because some body organs, such as the kidney, need matching, so often, blood relatives are the best candidates to donate their organs, usually willingly and done out of love.

In some cases, it is done as an act of charity which still involves a general love for fellow human beings. In poor nations, organ donation could be due to financial consideration but is still often done out of love for family on the part of the donor.

However, in a bizarre twist to organ donation, the ISIS Research and Fatwa Committee permits members of the terror group to harvest the organs of prisoners to save Muslim life. The committee likewise allows Daesh members to rape their sex slaves and eat the flesh of apostates, according to a translation of the fatwas published on Friday.

American soldiers discovered the fatwas, or religious rulings, after a raid on the hideout of a major Daesh finance official in May. The special forces team killed the Islamic State (IS) officer, Abu Sayyaf, and seized seven terabytes of data of fatwas. Sayyaf is Tunisian Fathi ben Awn ben Jildi Murad al-Tunisi who was killed by the American soldiers, while his wife was captured, reports Reuters.

According to Fatwa Number 68, “The apostate’s life and organs don’t have to be respected and may be taken with impunity,” quotes the New York Daily News. The committee points to Islamic principles and laws that suggest “transplanting healthy organs from an apostate’s body into a Muslim body in order to save the latter’s life or replace a damaged organ” is okay.

Fatwa Number 64 lists rules when Islamic men get the right to have sex with women slaves. It backs reports that former American aid worker Kayla Mueller became a personal sex slave of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi before she died in early 2015.

Because of reports that the IS killed 12 Mosul physicians who refused to harvest organs from alive people, Iraqi Ambassador to the US Mohamed Ali Alhakim sought a UN investigation in February. Inhuman or ridiculous fatwas had been issued by Islamic leaders in the past such as a ban on building of snowmen, throwing from the top of towers gay men and murder of infants born with Down syndrome.

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