‘Final Fantasy’ expansion features character customisation; beta issues to be addressed

New character customisation features are the highlight of "Comrades"
By @nessdoctor on
Final Fantasy XII
This "Final Fantasy XII" screenshot was described as "key art" for the remake. Official/Square Enix

Square Enix has released a beta for Final Fantasy XV’s latest expansion “Comrades.” It delves deeper into how the game is played in general, but players are particularly more excited about the new character customisation features shared online. A couple of videos show a male and female character customisation. A player can tweak individual features such as eyes, hair and everything else that can be altered depending on one’s taste and preferences.

"Final Fantasy" characters have always been considered by fans as similar to anime. This is because they are dressed like such, and they have hair that defies gravity. This time, however, the characters can be modified to suit individual preferences.

In the videos posted by Siliconera, one can see how customisable and intrusive the new feature is. One can practically make a character look like any person with the vast number of options. From eye shape to nose width, one can alter almost anything to make his or her character.

More is coming for this latest patch as Square Enix is planning a complete do-over for “Comrades” soon. While players can still get their hands on the first release, the current patch is not exactly in its best form yet. Of course, developers want nothing but the best, so they are planning to patch up the whole expansion to introduce features such as improved matchmaking. The second round of testing is scheduled to run from August 11 to 13.

Gosu Noob says that the much-awaited multiplayer expansion of "Final Fantasy XV" is off to a rough start. The actual DLC will not be released anytime soon, and it seems the first test could have been a lot better. There are numerous listings of some problems in "Comrades." This is not even the real issue yet. Some of the problems that are most complained about include poor matchmaking, broken and missing features.

Of course, this is just the beta testing phase. A lot of problems are to be expected, but many did not think it would go this bad.