The Bros Bundle: Get 12 fun Steam games for only US$3.99

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Here’s a flexible deal for Steamers. The Bros Bundle has three tiers and up to 12 PC games, and it starts at US$1.49 (AU$1.89). Check out a couple of the first tier’s top-rated games below. Please note that “There’s Poop In My Soup: Pooping with Friends” is not released yet and will unlock on Steam on August 15.

'Super Duper Party Pooper' | Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy | Normal Price: US$0.99 (AU$1.26)

“Super Duper Party Pooper” is a rhythm-based all-out number two simulator that involves players having their characters eat as much food as possible with the help of music. Just like in real life, the more a character takes in, the more the output. This juvenile game then allows the player to unleash virtual loads onto party goers for points, which are needed to unlock bonus features and new locations.

'Flix and Chill' | Casual, Indie, Simulation | Normal Price: US$0.99 (AU$1.26)

This dating simulator only has one end goal for gamers: get the prospect to do the game’s title. Play various characters that go on their very first blind dates and help them pursue their potential partners. Think twice before making moves as they can backfire and cause heartbreak. New characters with different approaches are introduced with new episode. A plethora of unique endings are also waiting to happen, depending on the moral choices a player makes.

Only the games’ respective publishers provide the Steam keys that come with the set, and they are sent instantly after purchase. This Steam sale offers up to US$33.88 (AU$185.13) of total PC gaming fun, so go to Bundle Stars and cash in on this deal before it ends on August 15. Below are the package’s three tiers and complete line-up of games.

Tier 1 - Pay US$1.00 / AU$1.34

  • “There’s Poop In My Soup” (Normal price: US$0.99 / AU$1.26)
  • “Super Duper Party Pooper” (Normal price: US$0.99 / AU$1.26)
  • “Flix and Chill” (Normal price: US$0.99 / AU$1.26)
  • “Toadled” (Normal price: US$0.99 / AU$1.26)
  • “Frisky Business” (Normal price: US$4.99 / AU$6.33)
  • “Albert and Otto” (Normal price: US$4.99 / AU$6.33)
  • “Luke Sidewalker” (Normal price: US$0.99 / AU$1.26)

Tier 2 - Pay US$2.79 / AU$3.75 - Includes all Tier 1 products

  • “Tanks vs Aliens” (Normal price: US$8.99 / AU$11.40)
  • “Evil Glitch” (Normal price: US$2.99 / AU$3.79)

Tier 3 - Pay US$5.99 / AU$8.04 - Includes all Tier 1 and Tier 2 products

  • “There’s Poop In My Soup: Pooping with Friends” (Normal price: US$4.99 / AU$6.33)
  • “Flix and Chill 2: Millennials” (Normal price: US$0.99 / AU$1.26)
  • “Burn It Down” (Normal price: US$0.99 / AU$1.26)


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