Eminem duets with Skylar Grey in ‘Kill for You’ [AUDIO]

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Eminem Skylar Grey
Eminem and Skylar Grey have collaborated in the past with Grey’s 2013 single “C’mon Let Me Ride.” YouTube/Skylar Grey VEVO

Fans waiting for the long overdue Eminem new album can at least wither the drought with Skylar Grey’s new single, “Kill for You,” featuring the rapping prowess of Marshall Mathers.

In the new single, Eminem raps as he duets with the singer-songwriter in the song inspired by the infamous love story of American couple Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

“Since the first day I started writing 'Kill for You,' I thought the Bonnie and Clyde message would be more powerful as a duet. I was stoked when Marshall put a verse on it,” Grey told MTV.

“Kill for You” is part of Grey’s third studio album “Natural Causes,” which was released Friday. Aside from “Kill for You,” Eminem also produced Grey’s “Come Up for Air,” which also appears on the same 13-track album. (Read: Music video of Eminem-produced single, Skylar Grey’s ‘Come Up for Air,’ goes online)

Slim Shady and the pop singer have earlier collaborated on Grey’s 2013 single “C’Mon Let Me Ride” and on Rihanna’s 2010 hit single “Love The Way You Lie,” which Grey co-wrote.

Eminem new album 2016

While Eminem promotes his collaboration with other artists, the “Lose Yourself” rapper has kept fans wondering when he is releasing a new album. The “Rap God” hit-maker last released an album in 2013 with “The Marshall Mathers LP 2.”

Earlier this week, he promoted Yelawolf’s new single “Daylight,” which is featured in the upcoming film “The Magnificent Seven.” “Daylight” was released under Eminem-owned Shady Records, Inc.

Without releasing a new album since 2013, Eminem’s income sharply fell, forcing him to drop out of the Forbes’ list of highest-paid celebrities. (Read: Eminem net worth update: Rap god only made $14.6 M last year – Forbes)

Recently, Eminem lost his Guinness World Record for the most words in a hit single to UK rapper Harry Shota. Nevertheless, Mathers remains as one of the top-grossing hip-hop acts of the decade. (Read: Eminem loses Guinness World title to UK rapper Harry Shotta)

WATCH: Skylar Grey’s ‘Kill for You’ – feat Eminem