'Designated Survivor' updates: Show welcomes 2017 with 'Let Freedom Ring' clip; viewership up over 100 percent

"Designated Survivor" returns for Season 2 in March 2017
By @nessdoctor on
Designated Survivor
Official photo of Keifer Sutherland on the "Designated Survivor" posted on September 20, 2016. Facebook/Designated Survivor

The current era has been dubbed as “The Golden Age of Television” as more and more viewers are tuning into their screens for whatever can be offered. As for “Designated Survivor,” it looks like its viewership figures are steadily growing as it progresses. This is not too surprising to know, considering the excitement that the political drama has to offer.

The mid-season break ended with a lot of questions and many remain unanswered, at least until the show returns in March. Fans are wondering who was behind the Capitol bombing, if President Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) will get murdered or if Peter MacLeish (Ashley Zukeman) will actually become Vice President of the United States. Viewers are left hanging for how the fate of the United States hangs as corrupted people try meddle with the political landscape.

With so much to see, TV By The Numbers reports that the hit ABC political drama’s viewership grew by a whopping 142 percent in adults aged 18 to 49, which makes it the biggest percentage gain in the week of December 12 to 18. Its jump in points tied it with “Modern Family” for the second largest gain in total, placing it right behind “The Big Bang Theory’s” previous gain in figures.

As for specific numbers, “Designated Survivor” started off with just 6.18 million viewers to double that amount to 12.37 million. In that week, it was the only show recorded to double in viewers and adults. When it returns in March to relieve viewers from their anticipation of the cliffhangers, it is expected that these figures could grow even more.

With this, fans are already out and about in looking for what awaits them. At its official Twitter account, nothing much was revealed except a video that shows a static President Kirkman with fireworks and the large faced phrase “Let Freedom Ring” in the background. This does not lead fans to any solution to the show’s problems in any way, so this leaves everyone with no choice but wait for what the show has to offer when it comes back in March. Keep posted here for regular updates.