'Deadpool 2' production update: Road train stunt scene filmed in Vancouver

By @sachintrivedig on
A still of a scene from the film "Deadpool." Deadpool/ Facebook

Production of “Deadpool 2” continues in Vancouver, Canada. Leaked pictures and a video from the set show the filming of a big action sequences involving Cable (Josh Brolin). The following article contains minor spoilers.

Brolin was recently spotted on the set in Vancouver. Leaked pictures on Hollywood North shows the actor in shorts, carrying a bottle of water. He was apparently there with his wife. The actor managed to walk past fans without being recognised, even though he’s playing the very important role of Cable in the upcoming film.

While Brolin was there in casual attire, a stunt double took his place for the filming of an action sequence. The scene involved a DMC road-train, and the stunt double was in the last compartment in full costume. A leaked video of the filming of this scene has been posted on the Twitter page of Norm Lee.  

The open compartment shows Cable just standing there. The character appears to be looking up in the final shot. No other character can be seen in this sequence, and it isn’t clear who else is involved.

Cable, also known as Nathan Summers, is a well-known comic book character. In the pages, the character was written as the biological son of X-Men Cyclops and Jean. As a child, he is sent to the future, and later returns to the present as an experienced warrior.

The film version may take a different route. It will be interesting to see how the writers connected the warrior to the storyline and to Wade (Ryan Reynolds).

“Deadpool 2” is set to be released on June 1 in the US. The release date for Australia is yet to be announced by the producers.