Australia's Biggest Lotto Winner of $70 Million Still Unidentified; Winner Could be in Gold Coast

By @reissasu on

Australia's biggest OzLotto winner remains unidentified as the hunt continues for the owner of the $70 million prize. Tatts Lotteries has revealed that the winning lotto ticket was sold in Gold Coast but has been unable to identify the holder due to the large amount of prize money.

Whoever will claim the $70 million pot money will make history as the biggest single lotto winner in Australia. The previous record of $58.7 million was won in 2008 by a Melbourne syndicate.

According to an OzLotto spokesperson, whoever the winning ticket holder is, he/she may not know that he/she is holding on to a piece of paper worth millions. The female representative said their office has been receiving reports that people are queuing outside newsagents since 6am to check on their tickets.

She said it was incredible to see a single lotto winner of $70 million. It is not the biggest jackpot in Australia, but this was the first time a single entry gets the entire pot money.

According to OzLotto, the winner can still claim the $70 million even if the ticket had somehow ended up in the wash or trash bin. A damaged or destroyed ticket can still be valid since there's still a way to claim the prize money.

The winning OzLotto numbers were 26, 24, 20, 17, 34, 39 and 36, with the supplementary numbers 22 and 23.

How lotto winners spend their winnings

People have always talked about what they're going to buy once they won the lottery. The standard and automatic responses consist of spending the money on luxury cars, expensive trips abroad, a dream house and other things people have always wanted.

Some people will think long and hard before spending their fortunes but others have spent their money in unique ways.

Gloria Mackenzie won a Powerball jackpot worth $590.50 million, the largest single prize ever  won. She was 84 years old and a retiree who chose to give back to her hometown high school instead of living the high life. Ms Mackenzie donated $2 million to have the school's leaky roof repaired.

IT specialist John Hilton who shared a $319 million prize with six other specialists in 2011 decided to donate $250,000 for the construction of Spray Park in New York's Green Island.

Bob Erb, who won $25 million, donated $1 million to an annual event that promotes the legalisation of marijuana. The Canadian winner also gave a cheque worth $10,000 as payment for burger and fries to the restaurant owner after hearing his story about his daughter's cancer.