Zendaya Arrives at the 2014 BET Awards in Los Angeles
IN PHOTO: Zendaya arrives at the 2014 BET Awards in Los Angeles, California, June 29, 2014. REUTERS

After all the drama that took place on “Fashion Police” for the past months, triggered by the controversial comments the show’s co-host Giuliana Rancic made over Zendaya Cole’s hair, the former Disney star now only wishes to see the show have a “more positive” new season. The E show, which Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin quit from last month, would be returning this fall.

US Magazine reports that Zendaya hopes that the upcoming season of “Fashion Police” would not be as negative as it is about people’s appearances as it has been before in previous seasons. Zendaya added that she wants to see the show be more responsible for its viewers. “Hopefully [they’re] able to take a more positive spin and we’re all able to learn from it at the same time,” Zendaya said. The 18-year old was a target of these negative comments by Giuliana Rancic during the 2015 Oscars and she hit back, calling the host’s comments “racist.” Following that incident, Rancic apologised and blamed the drama on improper editing, but this did not stop the other hosts Osbourne and Griffin from quitting.

While Osbourne has kept mum on the true reasons why she left, feud rumours of her and Rancic emerged shortly after, with many saying Osbourne did not like how Rancic defended herself. Griffin for her part, released a lot of negative insider information on the show, saying she along with the other hosts, were made to be brutally negative about celebrities’ appearances and looks even though she personally thought they looked beautiful. She said the show’s brand of “comedy” did not suit her own personal brand, so she had to quit.

It is not clear whether Rancic would continue to host “Fashion Police” on the upcoming season. Earlier this month, she revealed that she got a host of death threats after the controversy on Zendaya’s hair broke out. She said that no one on the set thought she was making racist remarks because they heard it on a positive context, but improper editing made her words and actions looked racist. However, the damage has been done and she immediately got loads of violent pictures and threats telling her that her family will be murdered.

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