Why Other Cryptocurrencies Will Never Beat Bitcoin

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Why Other Cryptocurrencies Will Never Beat Bitcoin
Why Other Cryptocurrencies Will Never Beat Bitcoin Pixabay

The world has had an altcoin market for almost a decade. However, Bitcoin is the most recognized and mentioned cryptocurrency. The only virtual currency that comes closer to Bitcoin is Ethereum. Nevertheless, Bitcoin hits most people’s heads whenever they hear or read about cryptocurrencies.  If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit the best forex broker australia.

Currently, Bitcoin is perhaps the  most popular and largest crypto asset. And there are several reasons why the status quo might remain for a more extended period. These reasons include the network effect and technical innovations behind this digital currency. Also, Bitcoin was the first successful digital currency. Thus, it pioneered in the crypto market. Here are more reasons wh other cryptocurrencies might never beat Bitcoin.

Increasing Acceptance

Any technology that receives positive acceptance gets a better chance of excelling. Bitcoin has a growing acceptance all over the world. Currently, several online and brick-and-mortar stores accept Bitcoin payments. Such avenues enable people and institutions to swap fiat money for Bitcoin. Thus, different entities can quickly access Bitcoin.

Today, people can use Bitcoin as a payment method when shopping locally and online. The integration of Bitcoin in the payment systems means more people will eventually accept it. Also, the number of payment processors that take Bitcoin increases by the day. Such developments point at Bitcoin’s increasing acceptance while placing it above altcoins.

Supportive Technologies

Perhaps, the emergence of several supportive technologies shows that Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere soon. Although many people recognize that re-writing the Bitcoin code could be too much, others think it might eventually happen.

The Lightning Network is among the blockchain innovations that enhance speed in the Bitcoin network. Also, developers are exploring other integrations to address the Bitcoin blockchain’s shortcomings.

Also, experts are developing technologies to expedite transactions to make  the Bitcoin network safer, efficient, and scalable. Ideally, developing innovative technologies around Bitcoin means it may remain the dominant cryptocurrency for many years.

Real-World Uses

Bitcoin has already passed its real-world usage test. Currently, Bitcoin is among the most traded assets in online crypto exchanges. Also, many merchants accept Bitcoin. People also store this virtual currency in different crypto wallets.

Many institutions use Bitcoin for value storage. That’s because this crypto asset has proven its ability to retain value even during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. What’s more, experts tout its underlying technology as an innovation that could transform various aspects of human life. Many argue that this technology could change the financial and information sectors completely.


Bitcoin transparency means users can track its mining and transactions. Blockchain technology creates a public ledger that users can quickly access and track their transactions. This technology enables users to confirm transactions in real-time.

Several sectors, including insurance, healthcare, education, and elections, can also use Bitcoin’s underlying technology to enhance efficiency. Many people embrace Bitcoin after realizing the potential of its underlying technology.

Large Community Base

Bitcoin has a large community base comprising developers, miners, users, traders, and investors. Perhaps, this community base explains why it’s the most traded and mined cryptocurrency. Many people are confident that Bitcoin will eventually become a globally accepted payment method due to its growing use among its community members. All people in the Bitcoin community share information about this cryptocurrency, thereby raising awareness worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Many experts have described the rise of Bitcoin as monumental, with several institutions and individuals using it for local and international transactions. That’s because this virtual currency has many benefits compared to fiat currency. Being the first successful digital currency, Bitcoin has significant influence in the cryptocurrency world. And this status is likely to continue as more people learn about Bitcoin and use it for various purposes.

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