Why iTunes users are buying this 10-min song of absolute silence

By @chelean on
Eddy Cue, Apple senior vice president of internet software and services, introduces iTunes Radio during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013 in San Francisco, California June 10, 2013. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” has got nothing on the newest iTunes song that is quickly climbing up the popular charts. iTunes user Samir Rezhami’s “A a a a a Very Good Song” is just 10 minutes of nothingness, a total silence, but his fellow users are still eating it up.

The composition, though actually just minutes of nothing but silence, is nothing short of genius, as buyers can attest. The single is meant to help those who plug their handsets into the USB port of their car as it solves one of the most annoying things about it.

iPhones plugged into USB ports automatically start playing music alphabetically. When this happens, songs with titles beginning with the letter A are more or less ruined for users as they are played every time the users plug their smartphones into their vehicles.

The blank iTunes song, with is cleverly titled with five As so it is the top song alphabetically, gets to be the first one played every time an iPhone is plugged. With “A a a a a Very Good Song” playing first, iPhone owners are given enough time, 10 minutes to be specific, to line up the songs they want to hear without other songs playing first.

Rezhami’s masterpiece only came out Thursday and yet it has already climbed to #67 up the iTunes chart, according to Engadget. Interested users can buy the single from the iTunes store. For Apple Music users, they can also add the song to their library as part of their subscription.

As for whether Apple will remove the track from the iTunes Store, it is possible, but considering the official Apple Support Twitter account replied to a user who could not purchase the track online, it is unlikely. When one Twitter user complained that they could not buy the song, the support account offered to help determine the problem for them.