What to Do When Your Instagram Isn't Getting New Followers

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What to Do When Your Instagram Isn't Getting New Followers
What to Do When Your Instagram Isn't Getting New Followers viralrace.com

If you’ve ever experienced a stagnant period on your Instagram page, you know how disheartening it can be. You’ll start second-guessing your content, wondering what you’re not doing that the top pages are doing. The fact is, the top Instagram pages are where they’re at because of a commitment to quality, consistency, and compelling content.

Those pages post the same level of quality at the same time each day/week/month, and their followers have come to expect it from them. If you’re not gaining any new followers, it’s time to take a step back and look at your methods. Here’s what to do when your Instagram isn’t getting new followers.

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Look at the Competition

Your Instagram page is something of a business, and likely has plenty of competition working against it. Since the platform is home to over one billion users as of this year, there’s no doubt you’ve got plenty of competition to face, so you’ll need to take a closer look at what those pages are doing that you aren’t. Are you reaching out to current followers? Using the right hashtags for your industry or niches?

Your competition can tell you a lot about your own content. Compare the two and figure out if you’re at least on the same level of quality. If not, it’s time to up your game and improve the content on your page. Followers are looking for a reason to hit that follow button, and sub-quality content is certainly not it. Give potential followers a reason to navigate to your page and stick around. Is your content compelling? Does it send a positive message? Are you discussing hot-button or controversial topics?

Pay close attention to how the competition interacts with its followers as well. There may be a piece of the puzzle in the way they interact that you’re missing on your page.

No One Likes a Blatant Ad

The trick to good advertising on social media is to make it feel like it isn’t an ad, but rather a message that the content is trying to deliver.

One mistake Instagrammers often make is creating posts that are overly sales-y and tend to scare away new viewers. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being sold a product or pressured into buying, so make your content stand out a little more by focusing on the benefits of the product and how it’s applicable in their lives.

It’s also important to shake up your content so you’re not only posting sales stuff all the time. Post an inspirational video or a beautiful photo every now and then so your content is based on something more than just a product.

Focus Your Hashtags

Focusing your hashtags can mean all the difference between a successful post and attracting new viewers and a post that ends up at the bottom of the search results. Your hashtags should be niche or industry-specific, and it doesn’t help to perform some research on the hashtags you plan to use. Hashtags attract new users and cement your place in Instagram’s search results, so without the right ones...how will people find your page?

Hashtags make it easier to share your content on other platforms as well. The bottom line is, if you don’t have your hashtags together, your page will always remain stagnant. Remember who your target audience is and what industry you’re operating in when you create your hashtags. Appealing to your target audience is the key to success in any business!

Don’t Blow up the Feed

Remember the golden rule when it comes to content: quality over quantity. Blowing up the feed with half-edited photos or sub-quality content is the best way to scare people off. They’re not coming to your page for something they can find on an average Facebook page, they’re looking for something unique and inspirational.

When users log on to your page, they want to see something different from the rabble. Focus on the quality of your content. Even if you can only release content every few days or even every few weeks, as long as you’re consistent with the quality and timing, your followers will know what to expect and you’ll appeal to new followers.

Did you know that most people spend hours on social media every day? Give your potential followers a reason to follow your page. Give them a reason to share your content, press that like button, and follow your content for the foreseeable future.

The Take-Away

Instagram followers provide the bread and butter to your page; they’re the ones who share, like, and view your content and can provide you with the monetization option once you acquire 10,000 of them.

If you’re having trouble getting new followers, take a close look at your content, its quality level, and what the competition is doing. Don’t forget to optimize your hashtags as much as you possibly can, as they’re the key to pushing your page to the top of the search query.

You can always opt for the buy followers option if you’re struggling. A quick boost can give you a small audience to work with, provide you with some much-needed confidence, and get your page back on track.