'The Walking Dead' star's idea on how Rick's story should end

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‘The Walking Dead’ season 8
Andrew Lincoln plays Rick Grimes on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8. AMC/The Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead” season 9 is expected to mark the exit of the protagonist Rick (Andrew Lincoln). While it remains to be seen how the character will leave the show, Lincoln had previously proposed a way in which his character’s story should end. Meanwhile, cast member Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) asked fans to respect his privacy in his home.

According to a report by ComicBook.com, Lincoln had talked about how the TV series should end at the 2017 PaleyFest. When a fan asked if any of the cast members have ideas about how the show should end, Lincoln stepped up, even though Executive Producer Greg Nicotero had preferred the actor didn’t talk on the subject.

Lincoln’s idea of an ending begins with his character jumping off a moving bus in the middle of a desert somewhere. The character survives the fall. But, while fighting off zombies he gets bit. Rick patches himself up and prepares to die. Then, a day passes and he’s still alive!

"The final shot is, "Holy s---! Maybe I'm the cure!' High shot, the whole thing... High shot, herd of zombies coming: Rick gets up, follows the tracks to go see 'Coral,' walking, the herd comes towards him, and they separate. He walks through. Boom!" he said.

Such a fate would have been nice for a character like Carl (Chandler Riggs), but the show will move on from all the changes that have happened, and the changes that will happen in the next season. Some of the cast members, and even the fans, have been concerned about the deaths of some of the major characters, the characters that helped make the show such a big hit in the first place. With all the planned exits on the show in the next season it remains to be seen if the show continues to hold on to the passionate fan base.

Meanwhile, Morgan asked fans not to come to his home unannounced. In an online message [see below] he asked the fans to respect his privacy.

Credit: Jeffrey Dean Morgan/ Twitter