Updates on Vidanta Cruises Indicate a New Type of Luxury Cruise in the Making

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Vidanta Riviera Maya Vidanta Riviera Maya

The cruising yacht market is making big waves in the luxury cruising industry, as it is aniche that features a few major players of the hospitality business that aretaking boutique cruiseship vacations to a new level. Grupo Vidanta, aleader in high-end luxury tourism and resorts, is redefining this business model with a ship set up more like a mega yacht than a traditional boutique cruise ship. The word around the marinas is that Ritz-Carlton also is rolling out itsfirst of three shipsin2020, putting Vidanta in good company.

While there is not yet a lot ofreliable information circulating about Grupo Vidanta’s anticipated entry into the boutiquecruiseline market, reliable sources have indicated that the resort giant’s plunge will be spectacular if the rumors are on par with reality. The company has yet to announce any formal plans of thenewly formed Vidanta Cruises, but that is not keeping industry pundits from trying to uncoverdetails about the company’s debut and news on its first ship,the Vidanta Elegant. It is likely that, if anything, the gossip is understated. After all, this is Mexico’s first luxury cruise line, and it is being rolled out by the country’s top luxury property and resort developers who knows exactly how to cater to discriminating travelers.

Recently leaked information states that Grupo Vidanta acquired an existing ship at hull value and completely stripped it. The company plans to make the hull brand new and perform new cruise construction throughout the rest of the ship. This looks to be a completely new vessel for all intents and purposes. Vidanta Cruises’ maiden vessel will also benefit from the work of the design team; a renowned team of yacht architects and interior and exterior designers are planning some extraordinary details for this first ship. The boutique ship will provide an unprecedented level of intimacy for passengers with spatial public areas and thoroughly luxurious lodgings on par with what clients of Vidanta have come to expect from their 5-star resorts. Preliminary data indicates about 149 cabins, which should make them about 80% larger than the previous rooms.

The first ship of the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection also boasts 149 plus-sized luxurious cabins, open public areas, and a bevy of restaurants, lounges, and bars, which are above and beyond the amenities found on traditional, smallcruise ships. It compares favorably to the Scenic Eclipse and the Crystal Endeavor, two additional competitors in this exclusive market. The formidable competition should play well to cruising enthusiasts as well as travelers who charter private yachts. It is an exciting time for the industry as there is a lot of focus on these new developments.

These smaller-sizedcruise ships with mega-yacht features are capable of being docked at smaller ports thanthe larger cruise ships. This adds significant value to travelers seeking highly personal experiences since Vidanta Cruises will now be able to reach and dock in areas previously at arm’s length for traditional cruise lines. Their clientele will be able to discover uninhabited coves and other areas off the beaten path, providing them a level of experience unparalleled in Mexico.

For the most part, Grupo Vidanta has remainedquiet about its ongoing development of the Vidanta Cruises brand, preferring to let the end results speak for itself. There have been no formal statements from the company, and officials have declined to comment for this article. However, reliable sources have indicated that there will be six dining spaces and ten bars and lounges throughout the 153-meter ship. The outdoor swimming pool and spa will be twice the size as expected on a boutiquecruise ship as well.  Additionally, with a 250-member crew aboard, there will be nearly one crew member per passenger ratio to ensure premium service is provided around the clock.

Grupo Vidanta is seeking to acquire more similar-sized cruise ships for the future expansion of this business model to include more destinations.The first ship for Vidanta Cruises will have work done at Europe’s best shipyards, but more interestingly, will include construction in Mexico so the company can ensure the final product is on par with their exacting standards they’ve become known for.

The company plans to introduce its official marketing campaign for Vidanta Cruises in the next couple of months. The organization’s bold initiative into the cruise line industry is in addition to its recent foray into entertainment with Mexico’s first resident Cirque du Soleil show at its Vidanta Riviera Maya resort, along with the glitzy grand opening of its unique shopping and dining concept created together with Hakkasan Group at Vidanta Los Cabos. It is good to report that the work in progress is sailing along smoothly.

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