Toyota Australia: Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ recalled due to faulty power steering

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Australia recalling Toyota 86 series
Australia recalling Toyota 86 series

Toyota Australia has announced the recall of almost 15,000 of the carmaker’s iconic coupe, the Toyota 86, which were built between April 2012 and March 2015. More than 3,000 Subaru BRZ coupes are also up for recall.

The recall is due to a potential loss of power steering assist, and which affects right-hand drive vehicles equipped with driver’s knee airbags. Toyota has received 62 reports of power steering failure in Australia, though there were no accidents or injuries reported as a result of the failure. Subaru BRZ is also affected because the model is basically the same car only with a different badge.

“Due to an improper wire harness layout, there is a possibility that the electric power steering harness may interfere with the instrumental panel lower cover which contains the driver’s knee airbag on Australian specification vehicles,” Toyota said in a statement.

“If this happens, there could be an electrical contact failure, which may result in the loss of power steering assist. A warning light would then be illuminated on the dashboard along with a short audible warning whilst manual steering would be maintained. To rectify this condition, the power steering electronic control unit and wire harness will be replaced in all impacted vehicles.”

Toyota said the parts are expected to arrive starting late September. Affected vehicle owners will receive a letter requesting that they make an appointment at their preferred dealer. Toyota assured owners that the repair work is free of charge and should take just over an hour.

Toyota 86 is a series of sports cars from Toyota and Subaru. It is released as Subaru BRZ under the latter’s brand. And as they have the same specifications, Subaru Australia is also recalling Subaru BRZ.

“It is important to note that even if the power assistance for the steering is lost, the vehicle retains manual steering capability. Nevertheless, Subaru Australia has decided to carry out this recall out of an abundance of caution, following notification from the factory,” a statement from the company said (via

Owners of affected Subaru vehicles are requested to contact 1300 550 994.