Top and Upcoming iOS Apps to Play: 'Plants vs. Zombies 2,' 'Gravity Falls,' New Game from Candy Crush Saga Dev and More

By @gelgalang on

August is an explosive month for iOS apps as games start releasing left and right, and news of more apps to arrive just keep on coming.

If you are looking forward to playing some apps over the weekend--or if you want to look forward to a new game that brought one of the hit addictive games of the year--here are the five apps that you shouldn't miss (or should expect).

'Plants vs. Zombies 2'

Who hasn't been awaiting for this game to hit the App Store ever since it debuted first in the App Store of Australia and New Zealand? While residents there have been enjoying the beta release, everyone has been at the edge of their seat waiting for any official announcements.

And it came just this week, with PopCap Games and the App Store announcing that, finally, it's about time that it was released.

"Plants vs. Zombies 2" is finally available on the App Store as a freemium app. This time, you will be encountering many kinds of zombies in three different maps: Ancient Egypt, Wild West and Pirate Seas.

There are also new plants to join your crew of defenders, as revealed in the Dev Diaries, as well as new levels and power-ups that will redefine the way you played the original game.

A lot of people will surely be playing this iOS game over the weekend.

'Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack'

Taking off from the popular Disney cartoons of the same name, this app requires you to aid Dipper and Mabel battle against creatures in a strategy game that features over 40 levels spanning five locations seen in the original show.

For the show's fans, you may be familiar with these locations, which you will have to help defend against supernatural creatures and Li'l Gideon: The Mystery Shack, Dusk 2 Dawn, Arcade, Summerween Superstore and the Tent of Telepathy.

You can collect items like the Gnome Launcher and the Manotaur War Horn through the store, and use summons to help you defeat the creatures.

"Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack" is available for $1.99.

'Pirate Legends'

Ready for more defense and strategy gaming? If you want a new flavor besides the tower defense delivered by "Plants vs. Zombies 2," you will also enjoy this new iOS game, which takes the action to the high seas.

From developer Super Hippo Studios Limited, "Pirate Legends TD" takes you through seven environments, 12 battles, 28 enemies followed by four main bosses, 20 unique towers with 16 specials, a soundtrack with unique tunes, and four aerial heroes with five magical powers.

Experience what it's like to be a pirate collecting booty by pirating other individuals while protecting your loot from the enemy.

'Sage Fusion 2'

From developer Kidalang, "Sage Fusion 2" is a sequel to the RPG-crossed-with-visual-novel game that is set in the future. If you have played the first game, this sequel will have the conclusion of the story. New players don't have to fear because you don't have to download the old game just to play this one, as it is also designed to make sure that you would understand the game even without knowing the first.

You have several areas to explore, battles to engage in and puzzles to solve. According to iTunes, you will get 120 backgrounds that have been hand-drawn and illustrated, an RPG turn-based battle, side quests, and the promise of no in-app purchases.

For a limited time only, "Sage Fusion 2" is now available at $1.99, which is at a 33% off discount.

'Papa Pear Saga'

Sounds familiar? You may have seen this game on Facebook, and you may be happy to know that the game comes from the same developer as "Candy Crush Saga" (hence the name).

VG 24/7 reported that the game will be heading to the iOS and the Android, though a release date has not yet been specified. This came in light of the closing down of the developers' other five games so that the more popular ones will get the main attention, which clearly shows that "Papa Pear Saga" is gaining much popularity.

"Papa Pear Saga" is a physics-based game with the same playful and colorful art that gamers enjoyed in "Candy Crush Saga."

"Papa Pear Saga is different to any of our other games. It still possesses that core King puzzle quality, but it will be our first mobile Saga game to have a physics element which we think will translate very well to mobile and tablet game play," said Riccardo Zacconi, co-founder and CEO of King to VG 24/7.

Just like "Candy Crush Saga," expect "Papa Pear Saga" to have several levels for its mobile app version and as many supporters as its Facebook (currently hitting an approximate 4 million players a day).