These new jobs are tipped to be available in Australia in 2030

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A man reads job adverts in a newspaper at a cafe in Sydney, Australia, May 9, 2016. Reuters/David Gray

New research by the Commonwealth Bank shows that new types of jobs will be created in Australia. The data also suggests that the nation’s skills, education and job markets will see a rapid transformation.

Commonwealth Bank’s “Jobs and Skills of the Future Report” bares the next stage of digital disruption. It was authored by futurist Ross Dawson, detailing how advances in artificial intelligence and data analytics push the formation of new education methods, skills and capabilities.

Some new jobs expected to be filled in 2030 are emotional experience experts, bionic interface designers, sense-makers, health and fitness optimisers and data insights miners. Emotional experience experts will deliver customer service experiences that are emotionally engaging. To achieve this, they may work closely with technologies.

Bionic interface designers will be tasked to help control robots and technology for physical tasks. Sense-makers, on the other hand, will help executives, customers and individuals in decision-making.

Helping people become healthier is the task of a health and fitness optimiser. The job will require an optimiser to monitor health, predict when advanced care will be needed and help busy individuals stay fit at the office. They will also inspire people to stick to their personal health goals.

Finally, data insights miners help individuals and managers by uncovering insights. They present their findings to be acted upon.

“As a result of our desire to become more digitally connected, we will continue to experience social shifts, generating a multitude of opportunities for those who are keen to create value from these new connections,” Dawson said, according to Business Insider Australia. His report also enumerates capabilities and skills that Aussies are going to need in the future. These include design thinking, analysis, financial acumen and relationship building.

The latest figures from the 2016 survey released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that community and personal service workers are among the fastest-growing careers in Australia. The service sector also sees jobs growth. “There was a 27 percent increase in fitness instructors, a 25 percent rise in the number of beauty therapists and a 23 percent increase in bar attendants and baristas,” Census program manager Bindi Kindermann said.

Meanwhile, some careers are declining. These include clerical and administrative workers, which dropped by 2.3 percent. In spite of the drop, it is still the second most popular occupation in the country. The largest overall occupation category was professionals in various areas such as arts, science, engineering and business.

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