Thai man suffers snake bite on behind after cobra leaps out of toilet

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King Cobra
A king cobra eats a smaller snake in Ban Kok Sanga village, about 500 km (312 miles) from Bangkok on June 5, 2003. Reuters/Sukree Sukplang

On the Chinese zodiac, 2016 is the year of the fire monkey; it won’t be until 2025 that it would be the year of the snake. However, at the rate snakes are turning up – especially in unexpected places such as toilet bowls – it seems this year is actually the year of the snake or spider.

In April, construction workers in Malaysia found a reticulated python curled under a tree in Paya Terubong, while in May another python that slithered out of his toilet bowl bit a Thai man’s penis. Similarly, in April the penis of a Sydney construction worker was the target of a redback spider that was in the toilet bowl.

On Thursday, a cobra leapt out of a toilet bowl and bit 56-year-old Amporn Chaeng on the buttocks after the Thai man from Prachuabkirikhan just finished defecating and washed his behind. He screamed in pain and then sought help, reports Mirror.

Thairath reports that Amporn first sought a policeman and when he found one, the cop, after finding two large bite marks on the man’s butt cheeks, advised Amporn to go to a hospital. He asked the cop to bring him to an abbot instead.

He preferred to go to the abbot at the Nong Hai Temple who is an expert on removing snake venom. Abbott Phra Ajarn Sompong injected a needle coated with herbal medicine on Amporn’s wound, causing a black liquid to flow out of the skin, which made the snake bite victim feel better after 30 minutes.

When rescue workers came to Amporn’s home, the snake was still in his toilet and they removed the cobra. Based on the size of the bites, the abbot says the culprit was likely a king cobra.

It was the third incident of snakes coming out of the toilet in less than two weeks and biting victims on sensitive body parts. Pollapat Laokamnerpetch, also a Thai man, saw a one-metre long cobra rear its head from his toilet bowl, but he managed to escape before it could bite him on his penis or butt.

VIDEO: Snake Bites Thai Man Using Toilet

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