Sydney FC's longest undefeated streak in the A-League season

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Sydney FC
Former Juventus soccer player Alessandro Del Piero (C) of Italy warms up with team mates at Sydney Football Stadium during his first training session with new club Sydney FC September 18, 2012. Del Piero arrived in Sydney on Sunday to begin his two years with Sydney FC in the A-League. Reuters/Tim Wimborne

Sydney FC has achieved the longest undefeated run in the A-League season. There is a nine-point gap by the said team in the standings. It is considered as the best start to any national soccer league season in Australia.

In their 12th game, Sydney FC scored 4-0 against the reds and without a loss in the opening 12 rounds. What helped them in attaining the top spot were the goals made by Alex Brosque and one each from Filip Holosko and Rhyan Grant. They also have three draws in the season.

Sydney FC player Mark Rudan said that the club did an incredible job in their game play. “They were efficient and they just demolished Adelaide.The question is going to continue to be asked; how long can they continue to go with losing a game? That ‘X’ on their back just gets bigger and bigger.”

Another achievement made by Sydney FC is conceding the least goals at the start of the season. It is also a remarkable time for the said team since this is their first win in South Australia in the last 1,772 days.

Alex Brosque was also recognised as the second player to score 50 goals for one A-League club. Boxing Day's two-goal hero told AAP that they were not anywhere near their peak yet. "While it is great to have these milestones it is all towards the end product which is the minor premiership and grand final."

Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold praised his Sky Blues team for not being intimidated no matter what the rivals are saying about them. "They know they can't out-run us, they know they can't out-fight us, they know they're not as fit as us.” He added that whenever they go out of the field, he is confident in the team that they will finish the season victoriously.

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