Steam sale: Fanatical Max Damage Bundle promises 8 'chaotic' games for US$3.49

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Screenshot from "Serial Cleaner." iFun4All / Press

The Fanatical Max Damage Bundle consists of US$98.43 (AU$128.96) worth of games that can be bought for only US$3.49 (AU$4.57). The games included in this set are promised to “cause mayhem” in the most chaotic ways possible.

Take a look at some of the games included in the bundle. A Steam account is required to activate the individual keys that will be received once purchased.

‘System Shock: Enhanced Edition’ – Original price: US$9.99 (AU$13.09)

A classic comes alive once more. This highly improved iteration of one of the most beloved games in the 90’s puts players in the shoes of a hacker who must escape an environment filled with sentient yet deadly machines at every turn. Higher resolutions up to 1024x768 and remappable control keys are just some of the new features that come with the enhanced edition.

‘Serial Cleaner’ – Original price: US$14.99 (AU$ 19.64)

The elevator pitch: you are a handyman, one who cleans after a violent mob’s dirty work. Played from a retro-looking bird’s eye-view perspective, “Serial Cleaner” requires players to avoid getting caught while making sure the place is spic-and-span upon leaving. The game comes with a story campaign and challenge modes to get you busy for a long period of time. Now start cleaning!

‘Monochroma’ – Original price: US$19.99 (AU$26.19)

Branded as a cinematic puzzle platformer, “Monochroma” tells of a child who must traverse a dangerous 50's dystopia to help a younger brother. This side-scroller consists of a six-hour gameplay told through four acts set in an artistically bleak environment.

Below is the full list of games in the Fanatical Max Damage Bundle. To purchase the bundle, visit the official Fanatical website.

  • Carmageddon: Max Damage
  • Punch Club - Deluxe Edition
  • System Shock: Enhanced Edition
  • Guts and Glory
  • Serial Cleaner
  • Final Exam
  • Monochroma
  • Sudden Strike Gold