Steam sale: Chronicle Bundle contains 16 adventure games

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2Dark. Gloomywood/Press Kit

Here’s one for the adventure aficionados: Fanatical’s Chronicle Bundle contains 16 RPGs and action games worth US$194.83 (AU$244.04) but can be bought for as low as US$1. There are four tiers to choose from, each costing more than the last.

Listed below are some games from each tier. A Steam account is required to activate the codes once received. The Chronicle Bundle is a time-limited offer and will expire in 12 days.

‘Evoland’ – Original price: US$9.99 (AU$12.51)

Included in Tier 1, “Evoland” can be purchased for as low as US$1. Its premise pays tribute to the good old games from the past. You start off as a sprite in an 8-bit world. The more you progress, the “better” the graphics become. Those interested in taking a trip down memory lane (and those who’d like to learn a thing or two about gaming history) ought to check out this highly evolving role-playing title.

‘Chronicles of Teddy’ – Original price: US$14.99 (AU$18.77)

Here’s a nice-looking pixel-art action-adventure game. “Chronicles of Teddy” lets you play as Tarant who’s on a life-altering quest with her teddy bear. Yes, her bear, hence the title. The game promises more than 20 hours of gameplay with plenty of secondary quests. It’s included in Tier 2, which costs US$3.49 to unlock.

‘2Dark’ – Original price: US$24.99 (AU$31.28)

Developed by Frédérick Raynal, best known for survival horror staple “Alone in the Dark,” “2Dark” is a stealth adventure title that’s definitely not for the kiddies. In the city of Gloomywood, ex-detective Mr Smith must solve a string of child abduction cases. His quests will lead him to the deepest corners of human madness. The game is included in Tier 3, which costs US$7.49 to unlock.

Below is the complete list of games in the Chronicle Bundle. To purchase any of the tiers, check out Fanatical.

Pay US$1

  • Evoland
  • Dead in Bermuda
  • Freaking Meatbags
  • Finding Teddy
  • Crazy Pixel Streaker
  • Kill the Bad Guy

Pay US$3.49 - Including products above

  • A Normal Lost Phone with DLC
  • Chronicles of Teddy
  • Colonial Conquest
  • PolyRace
  • Doodle Mafia

Pay US$7.49 - Including products above

  • Anarcute
  • Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan
  • Pang Adventures
  • 2Dark

Pay US$9.99 - Including products above

  • Wurm Unlimited
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