Steam bundle sale: Save up to US$74.90 with the Twilight Bundle

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Gamers have around 24 hours to snatch the latest Steam sale through Bundle Stars. The Twilight Bundle allows you to save up to US$74.90 (AU$96.22) worth of games.

Two tiers can be unlocked, depending on how much the buyer shells out. Here is a list of some of the titles available in this bundle.

‘Chronology’ | Adventure, Indie, Platformer | Normal Price: US$4.99 (AU$6.41)

“Chronology” is a platformer that focuses on time-travel elements and puzzle solving. Playing as the Old Inventor, you must manipulate time to achieve a specific goal, may it be going from one place to another or simply progressing the storyline.

The character designs are said to have been inspired by the works of Hayao Miyazaki. Indeed, the vibrant art style itself may be enough reason to get this game. “Chronology” is part of the bundle’s Tier 1, which only costs US$1.00.

‘Back to Bed’ | Adventure, Puzzle, Casual | Normal Price: US$5.99 (AU$7.69)

Being the subconscious can be a daunting task, especially if your human has a habit of sleepwalking. In “Back to Bed,” players are tasked with guiding the sleepwalker safely, well, back to bed.

Taking place in a surreal, dream-like landscape, the game has won plenty of awards, according to its Steam page. This title is also included in the bundle’s Tier 1.

‘Wooden Floor’| Horror, Mystery | Normal Price: US$5.99 (AU$7.69)

“Wooden Floor” is either a “yes, please” or a “nope, nope, nope.” It’s a horror game that relies on unpredictability. According to its Steam page, the gameplay involves confusing the player and making them question their reality. Room layouts change, and hallways mysteriously appear from nowhere.

If horror games are your cup of tea, pay US$1.99 to unlock Tier 2 of the Twilight Bundle. The buyers get not only the games under this tier, but also the ones in Tier 1. To purchase the bundle, click here.