'Skull Girls 2nd Encore' has unknown release date for PS Vita, still in development

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An intense battle takes place in "Skullgirls." Skullgirls website

Fan favourite fighting game “Skullgirls 2nd Encore” was supposed to come to the PlayStation Vita in July, coinciding with its release on the PS4 but has been delayed for unknown reasons. For a while, it seemed like the game would be cancelled, as no update about the Vita port was given. However, an update from the developer has show that the port is still coming, with the developers having to deal with bugs and optimization issues.

Lab Zero, the developer of “Skullgirls,” recently held a forum on Reddit answering any questions that fans had for them. One fan asked about the status of “Skullgirls 2nd Encore” for the PS Vita and the short answer is that the company is still working on it.

The long answer is that the game is currently undergoing optimization and there are still numerous bugs to take care off. The answer stated that the Vita version as going to be released a few weeks after the PS4 version, but optimization walls and bugs prevented that from happening.

Pocket Gamer stated that this problem isn’t exclusive to “Skullgirls,” as a number of planned Vita ports have also suffered through these optimization issues. It’s gotten so bad, that a number of ports for the platform were cancelled.

It seems like the developers of Lab Zero will keep working through the bugs, which should please fans of the fighting game that want to see it on Sony’s handheld device. The Vita doesn’t have much fighting games aside from “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3” and “Injustice: Ultimate Edition,” among others so it will be a nice addition to the platform’s library.

“Skullgirls 2nd Encore” is a 2D fighting game with a diverse cast of female characters duking it out in one-on-fights. It is one of the few 2D fighting games to come out in this generation of gaming, along with the most recent “Guilty Gear” game that was released for current-gen consoles.

While Vita fans will have to wait for a while to play the game, PS4 owners who feel like punching attractive anime girls can download “Skullgirls 2nd Encore” on the PlayStation Network. The game is also available on the PS3 and Xbox 360, also as a downloadable title.

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Skullgirls 2nd Encore - Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Skullgirls)