Australia's One Nation party leader Senator Pauline Hanson makes her maiden speech in the Senate at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, September 14, 2016. AAP/Mick Tsikas/via Reuters

Shan Ju Lin, Taiwan-born One Nation’s candidate, has defended Pauline Hanson’s infamous remark by saying that the party leader was right about Australia being swamped by Asians. Furthermore, she asserted that “good Asians” like her would vote for the party in the 2018 Queensland elections.

Twenty years ago, Hanson made waves in the country when she warned Australia about the risk of tide of Asian immigrants during her maiden speech to federal parliament. However, Lin who is an Asian herself doesn’t have a problem with that remark. Instead, she is supporting and defending the party leader.

“She sees the problem ahead of everybody, including you and me. Everything she said is happening now,” the One Nation candidate told ABC.

Shan Ju Lin defended the remark saying that Pauline Hanson was only talking about the Chinese. She added that Europeans find it difficult to distinguish Chinese and other Asians.

Lin said that the Chinese government is a threat for Australia as it is buying too many businesses and assets. “They will take over the power of Australia. They will form their own government,” she said.

Political tensions have been brewing between Taiwan and China from the past 60 years and Lin says that she has disliked the Chinese Communist Party since birth.

Furthermore, she expects that “good Asians,” like her who do not support the CPP, will vote for the party in the elections. She said, “There are two groups of Asians, the good Asians will be like me. The other group will be supporting CCP, and those people who support CCP are selfish people.”

Shan Ju Lin is a school teacher who moved from Taiwan to Australia about 26 years ago. She will contest from Bundamba on behalf of One Nation in the 2018 Queensland elections.