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Health Canada Being Supplicated To Authorise The Use of Abortion Pills

The National Abortion Federation Canada is advocating the legalisation of abortion pills in the country as statistics reveal that one out of three Canadian women is likely to have an abortion in her lifetime. The problem, the agency says, is that these women will not have access to safe and effectual abortion pills. The medical group is now working to urge Health Canada to approve the use of abortion pills, particularly the drug mifepristone, which has been used legally since the year 2000 in se...

Rise In Sea Level Is Now At An Accelerated Rate

According to a new study, the water level in the world's oceans is rising at an unprecedented rate. Based on the research, the sea level was inaccurately measured until around the year 1990, when it was actually less than what scientists reported it was. However, based on recent data, it has been determined that the rate of the rise of water levels has multiplied exponentially since then.

Ahead Of The Game: Ebola Vaccine Frontrunners

With an astounding death toll and thousands still being affected on a daily basis, there is an evident and urgent need for a vaccine against the lethal Ebola virus that is sweeping West Africa. Experts from global health agencies are saying that hundreds of thousands of doses of the potential vaccine is required to provide protection just to the health workers that are working on the front lines during Vegas global health crisis. At least 12 million more are needed to vaccinate the people within...

Birth Control And HIV: What You Absolutely Need To Know About A Potential Correlation

According to a study published in the medical journal The Lancet, there is a possible correlation between an increased risk of contracting HIV and the use of a specific type of injectable birth control for females. Depo-Provera is a type of hormonal contraception that is said to increase a female subject’s susceptibility to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), increasing her potential to transmit and contract the virus by up to 30 percent.

C-Section Crackdown In Brazil

Way over the 10 to 15 percent cesarean section figure recommended by the World Health Organization, the number of Brazilian women undergoing elective cesarean sections as a birthing method is now reportedly up to 52 percent. These figures have been statistically confirmed due to the fact that an increasing number of Brazilian women choose the said procedure in order to preserve their sex lives after giving birth.

American Doctor And Ebola Survivor Sets Out For West Africa

American doctor, Dr. Richard Sacra, was cured of the deadly Ebola virus after he contracted the lethal disease while on a medical mission in West Africa in August of last year. Now, Dr. Sacra is reportedly returning to Liberia in order to lend a hand to his exhausted colleagues in that region.