Post-Christmas bargain: Aussies sell unwanted gifts at eBay, Gumtre below retail price

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A woman carries shopping bags on Oxford Street in London, December 13, 2011. Reuters/Finbarr O'Reilly

Unwanted Christmas presents can be returned to stores or sold at eBay and Gumtree. While Boxing Day sales have been making headlines across the country, Australians are heading to the online stores to sell unwanted presents.

Those who received some unwanted gifts during the holidays had begun listing their items on these sites within hours of opening their presents. Several items are still in their original packaging. This means that anyone looking for post-Christmas bargains may visit eBay and Gumtree, where items can be purchased for a steal. Many on offer are in brand new condition.

One of the best motivations to shop is that the items are usually sold below retail price. Savvy internet shoppers can easily spot a good post-Christmas deal.

For instance, an unopened collector’s edition Star Wars Propel T-65X-Wing drone was available at Gumtree for only $120 in Doncaster in Melbourne. The item can also be bought at Myer for $149.95. Shaver kits, beach chairs and alcohol are other unwanted presents being sold at Gumtree.

eBay, on the other hand, posted a brand new pink Kate Spade leather bag for sale for just $39. The bag has been described as an unwanted Christmas present. A SuperDry watch for $89 and a Nutrimetics Perfect Romance perfume for $28 were also up for grabs. The bid for Google Home speaker is at $102.50.

Selling unwanted presents is not only happening in Australia. People in the UK are reportedly reselling unwanted gifts that are still wrapped, reports The Sun. One was simply described as “girls wrapped gifts.”

Also up for grabs are “10 quality wrapped unwanted Christmas gifts/presents for a lady.” These include a watch, massager, a diary, chocolates and DVD.

Aussies spent $620 million on unwanted Christmas gifts last year. Kirsty Dunn, a spokeswoman for Gumtree, told the Herald Sun that about 2.8 million Australians sold online that season.

For those who would rather return their unwanted presents at the store instead of selling them online, it would be helpful to have the original receipt. Stores also have a return policy, which is good to check. Retailers like David Jones and Myer allow customers to return items as long as goods are returned in “saleable condition’ and “within a timely manner.”

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