'Outlast' and Whistleblower DLC available on Humble Store for zero dollars

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A girl dressed in costume plays a video game at the PAX East gaming conference in Boston, Massachusetts April 7, 2012. Jessica Rinaldi

“Outlast: Deluxe Edition,” which includes the DLC Whistleblower, is currently free on the Humble Store. As of writing, gamers can retrieve Steam keys of the 2013 Red Barrels sleeper hit without paying a single dollar.

It’s not yet Halloween, but folks can already play what is constantly deemed by critics as one of the scariest first-person horror games on PC. Upon redeeming the offer, Humble users will receive a code, which they can input in their Steam accounts to activate the game.

As mentioned, the package contains not only the original “Outlast” game but also its equally terrifying downloadable content Whistleblower. Players need to survive playing both titles in order to fully comprehend the storyline. While the first game reportedly tells an effective standalone tale on its own, the DLC is considered successful in terms of broadening one’s understanding of the twisted setting.

“Outlast” tells the story of Miles, a journalist who enters the mysterious Mount Massive Asylum only to become hostage under the hands of strong supernatural forces. Armed with a video camera, players need to switch to night vision mode once in a while to see more clearly in the dark. But the dark holds secret the human eye could not comprehend. This game is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Instead of using weapons, the game expects players to run and hide, and that’s exactly what they would be doing most of the time. Utilising a stealth-based gameplay while avoiding a set of advanced enemy AI, they would need to keep their wits about them to survive the night within the asylum.

The free-to-download offer comes after the Humble Store made “Psychonauts” free last week. Interested gamers need to hurry, as “Outlast: Deluxe Edition” will only be available for zero dollars in less than two days.