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China based smartphone maker OnePlus, which scheduled the launch of OnePlus 2 on July 27 has confirmed that it will continue to use the invite system for buying the new smartphone on its official website. The company has opened up the invite system for the next model of its smartphone and has also activated an Android app for tuning into July 27 launch event, according to reports.

At the initial stages, OnePlus 2 will be available on an invite only basis and users wanting to get a OnePlus 2 are required to register their email address or wait for one of the regular competitions and promotions organized by OnePlus. The earliest supporters, forum members, and early OnePlus buyers will get the first set of OnePlus 2 invites, reports Business Standard. OnePlus says, the new smartphone might be shipped within three weeks and the invites are valid for 24 hours. The company has assured that, users will get upto two weeks to share invites and the number of shared invites that can be disseminated will be low initially and will increase as more and more units are produced.

OnePlus had used the same invitation system for the OnePlus One and is continuing to follow the same system for the new smartphone, reports Android Central. Though the system created a lot of issues for those people who actually wanted to buy the phone but it did contribute towards building hype about the company’s product.

OnePlus had branded the Oneplus 2 as the “2016 flagship killer,” meaning that it will be better than the flagships scheduled for next year’s launch, reports NDTV Gadgets. As far as features are concerned, OnePlus 2 will be smaller than OnePlusOne, which features a 5.5-inch display and measures 152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 mm. However, OnePlus 2 will just be moderately smaller than its predecessor with unconfirmed reports suggesting that the upcoming smartphone is likely to sport a 5.5-inch 1080p panel. OnePlus 2 is also expected to get a 3,300 mAh battery, which is a bigger battery compared to the 3,100 mAh battery of the OnePlus One. OnePlus is working towards giving more importance to the rear camera of the upcoming OnePlus 2, with the handset likely to get a 16 MP rear camera. In terms of design and build, the device is expected to be made out of metal, according to a report on

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