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The New South Wales' Coalition's unity in the wake of a joint statement reiterating their partnership was short-lived, as Nationals MP Wes Fang persisted in criticizing state Liberal leader Mark Speakman.

Following talks, Nationals Leader Dugald Saunders and Speakman issued a statement on Tuesday, saying, "We have reaffirmed our commitment to the Coalition partnership ... The Hon Wes Fang MLC has been removed from his shadow assistant minister roles."

The NSW Coalition was on the verge of dissolving recently due to a disagreement over the demotion of Fang. The argument started after NSW Liberal Leader Speakman fired Fang from his shadow government posts on Friday.

Fang had criticized Speakman on social media after the latter took a trip to Wagga Wagga to visit independent MP Joe McGirr without informing the former, who was the shadow assistant minister for regional NSW.

Saunders had disputed Speakman's decision, according to ABC. Saunders publicly chastised Speakman, claiming that the Liberal leader did not have the right to remove a Nationals MP from the shadow cabinet.

A seeming agreement and joint statements restating the Coalition's pledge have not eased tensions. Fang has been critical of Speakman's leadership style and claims that he is disconnected from the problems facing Wagga Wagga.

Speakman defended his conduct by saying, "He's a National MP who claims to live there. I don't denigrate him by withholding information from him."

When asked about Speakman's comment that said Fang "claims to live there," Fang replied the former would "end up with egg on his face," The Guardian reported.

"I moved back to Wagga in 2008, where I live to this day. My kids were born in Wagga. I'm not sure I can get much more Wagga," Fang said on Tuesday. "Maybe his 'claimed' comment only goes to show how out of touch Speakman is."

However, Fang's persistent attacks on Speakman point to fundamental conflicts that jeopardize the Coalition's unity and capacity to oppose the Minns Labor leadership successfully.