Nintendo Vs Sega: How Sonic Toppled Mario In The Very First Console War [VIDEO]

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The Sonic the Hedgehog character is seen behind a video game screen showing a Sega Corp logo at a game arcade in Tokyo. Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Machinima published a YouTube video titled "Sega vs Nintendo: Random Things You Should Know," a video which tackles facts surrounding the former rivalry between video game companies Sega and Nintendo. Hosts Steve and Larson take a trip down memory lane as they discuss the events that transpired when the two companies took over the western audience.

During the early 1980's, a certain dilemma emerged into the gaming world: the lackluster quality of video games as perpetrated by the lack of challenge in developing games for the Atari Video Computer System. Because of Atari's success, game developers entertained the notion that anything can be made into a game, including real-life puzzles such as the Rubik's cube. That mentality brought about what was known to some as the "Atari Crash," and it seemed as if the industry itself would fall.

Nintendo stepped into the industry and deviated from Atari's strategies by implementing plans of their own. What Nintendo introduced was their own "Nintendo Seal of Quality" which promised well-thought out games, even going as far as implementing a strict third-party licensing agreement with developers, who were restricted to release a maximum of five titles only per year in order to ensure quality. Nintendo dominated the scene with titles like "Donkey Kong" and "Super Mario" for their Famicom, a video game console that is better known in the western world as the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Enter Sega, who used the element of clever marketing to their advantage. Beyond common marketing strategies like advertisements, Sega also relied on grassroots campaigns and word-of-mouth tactics, and introduced character development into the narratives of their Sega Genesis game characters. The company's bold and unconventional ideas paved the way for their rise to power, and their imminent rivalry with Nintendo.

Even as Sega started to be more daring in their marketing strategies, Nintendo kept their composure. Sega went as far as to make fun of their rival company in advertisements like, "Genesis Does What Nintendon't". An article by IGN reveals trivia about the console war started by the character Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega's response to Nintendo's Mario.

Eventually, Sega managed to topple Nintendo off the throne by coming up with more strategies over the years. The console war finally came to its end when Sony released The Playstation in Japan on 1994, and in the west on 1995.

Steve and Larson enlighten the viewers with more details about the first known console war in the video game history. Watch "Sega vs Nintendo: Random Things You Should Know" here.

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