New Steam indie games for Week 2 October 2017: 'BLADENET' and more

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Mid-October is almost here, and there’s still no stopping new indie titles from releasing on Steam. Despite the upcoming releases of high-profile games such as “The Evil Within 2” and “Middle Earth: Shadow of War,” the indie scene continues to flourish with plenty of upcoming games.

Here are some of the new Steam releases you can play for the second week of October 2017. Prices are listed as of writing and are subject to change.

‘BLADENET' - US$12.74 (AU$16.41)

"BLADENET" is a hide-and-seek multiplayer game, but don’t let that turn you off. Its story is set in a high-tech world where players must kill or be killed. Players are expected to strategise and use whatever it takes to avoid getting caught.

What’s noteworthy is that the game is created by a team consisting of only two people. Curious ones may want to check this out to know what it feels like to infiltrate the cyberpunk realm.

‘Mushroom Wars 2’ - US$13.49 (AU$17.38)

Ever wanted to control an army of mushrooms? That dream is finally coming true, thanks to Zillion Whales’ “Mushrooms Wars 2.”

In this game, players need to command an army to beat their foes. They may choose to play via online multiplayer or complete a campaign mode with over 100 missions. With 12 different characters to choose from, this game is shaping up to have a high replay value.

‘Press X to Not Die’ - US$2.09 (AU$2.69)

This is more of an interactive movie than it is a game. Having woken up to find the entire town in Crazy Mode, players need to make sure they escape with their limbs intact. A surefire way to survive? Read the title.

Not yet sold on its B-movie aesthetic? The developers allow you to download a demo. “Press X to Not Die” promises 35 minutes of HD clips as well as 29 ways to suffer a hideous death. The title currently has a Very Positive rating on Steam.