New Steam games for November week 4: Journey through 'The Under'

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The Steam Autumn Sale is still ongoing. Developers, however, are still releasing new games despite the risk of getting overlooked due to other lower-priced major titles.

Below are a few titles released during the Autumn Sale. The list is based on the titles’ Steam info, so prices are subject to change due to possibilities of sales and discounts.

‘Houston, We Have Spinach!’ | Developer: Acme Nerd Games, LLC | Current Price: US$6.79 (AU$8.93)

The title itself is already a hint of what to expect. You play as a peculiar little space explorer, whose job is to build rockets, making sure they are well-supplied with food. The success of the journey depends on how the “nutrients” are utilised in each ship that you build. Take note that “Houston, We Have Spinach” is still in Early Access.

‘The Under’ | Developer: Iconic Games | Current Price: US$1.89 (AU$2.49)

“The Under” takes place in, well, The Under. It is a mysterious area in which you must traverse to make it back to the real world. There are four unique locations and three playable characters to choose from. Might be worth checking out for those who are fans of puzzles, orbs and portals.

AirMech® Wastelands | Developer: Carbon Games | Current Price: US$17.99 (AU$23.66)

Set in an alternate America, “AirMech Wastelands” tasks players with protecting the world and perhaps rebuilding modern civilisation. This one’s branded as a “Top-down RPG with Mechs,” and it can be played either solo or with friends.