New Steam games for January week 4: 'Damsel' and more

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Screenshot from 'Damsel.' Screwtape Studios/Press Kit

Scouring the Steam page for hidden gems can be a daunting task, considering the number of titles released per day. Now that January is coming to an end, it’s perhaps time to clear out backlogs to make way for new games to play.

Listed below are titles that have been released on Steam in the past few days. Here you’ll see a physics-based game, a deadly survival adventure and a fast-paced platformer.

‘The Hardest Thing’ – Developer: ChillFun

“The Hardest Thing” is a first-person game that relies on physics. You’ll need to interact with objects to advance to the next level. You can use blocks and boards to your advantage; the sky’s the limit. It’s all puzzle-based, so folks who love putting on their thinking caps may need to check this out.

‘Play with Me’ – Developer: AIREM

Do you wanna play a game? How about with someone like Jigsaw? While not exactly connected to the Saw franchise, “Play with Me” attempts to emulate the deadly traps used by the iconic serial killer. You play as an investigative journalist who must outsmart one obstacle after another to solve a disappearance case. How you get past the traps, puzzles and optical illusions is entirely up to you.

‘Damsel’ - Screwtape Studios

“Damsel,” from Brisbane-based developer Screwtape Studios, captures your attention right from the start. It’s a fast-paced arcade platformer that requires your utmost concentration. Defeat vampires, save hostages and dispose of bombs and servers in order to save the world. Take note that the game is still in Early Access.

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