New Nintendo 3DS XL 'Majora's Mask' Special Edition Consoles Will Be Restocked In U.S.

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Here's some really great news for "Legend of Zelda" fans waking up in the U.S. Nintendo lovers should chuffed to hear that the elusive Majora's Mask 3DS XL will be hitting brick-and-mortar retail outlets as of today, that is March 25, 2015. Gamers who had missed out on the ultra-rare special edition 3DS console now have one more chance to get their paws on a copy.

The news of a re-release was sparked after a NeoGAF forum user leaked an internal memo from U.S.-based videogame retailer GameStop, which stated that it will be stocking all outlets with the limited edition console. However, the mad rush for the console will be even more frantic this time around because each outlet will only be receiving four "Major's Mask"-branded 3DS consoles each, according to Kotaku.

In simple terms, gamers in smaller towns stand a better chance of getting a copy, as opposed to larger towns where the odds of being one of the first four customers at the door will be considerably slimmer. Gamespot confirmed the news with a GameStop outlet in San Francisco, but the publication stated that this wasn't true for every branch they had contacted. Chances are that some smaller outlets may not receive any "Majora's Mask" editions of the New Nintendo 3DS XL at all.

For those who're probably wondering why this is a big deal, the special edition of the bestselling New Nintendo 3DS XL customised with "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" art experienced an overwhelming demand from eager consumers. A countless number of fans were left with a sour taste in their mouths when they couldn't procure the game the first time around. This was caused by a number of reasons ranging from extremely limited numbers, failure of Nintendo to communicate the extent of the limited release and other distribution and planning woes.

The situation was bad enough to prompt Nintendo to cancel pre-orders for many customers. Needless to say, scalpers had a field day and sold the special edition at ridiculously high mark-ups on online auction websites such as eBay. The issue led to even more heartburn when an eBay seller microwaved a perfectly working console for art, as reported by CNET.

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