A New Decade, New Opportunities

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A global pandemic, natural disasters, levels of unemployment unseen since the Great Depression, and radical fluctuations in stock markets have shaped 2020 into one of the most interesting years on record. While these events have undoubtedly affected many people in a negative way, there a silver lining beyond the smoldering chaos.  Pristine opportunities, especially for new investors, are on the horizon: they can place their money in newly-emerging industries like cryptocurrency, and learn how to buy Bitcoin, to suit their long-term financial goals.

While some sectors, such as commercial real-estate, tourism, transportation, and hospitality have taken major hits as a result of the 2020 tumult, many sectors have escaped unscathed; some have even benefited from it.  Increased demand for pharmaceutical products has been a major boom to the pharmaceutical industry.  Investors who owns shares in Moderna, Pfizer, and Astra-Zeneca, three companies leading the charge to a Covid-19 vaccine, have seen their investments more than double since the pandemic began.  With the prospects of a vaccine still shaky, these companies are also diversifying their product portfolios by producing Covid-19 treatments like remdesivir. Additionally, a demand for PPE will continue, so companies that make it, like 3M, will probably see their share prices continue to rise. However, investment opportunities like these are not the only potentially profitable ones.

Covid-19 has not only ushered in greater profits for companies that deal directly with defeating the virus, but inadvertent effects from the pandemic are beginning to shape what the economy, and its most profitable companies, may look like.  Major shifts in the technology sector, are already taking place.  This includes everything from AI, augmented reality, and new SAAS applications.  Remote learning will continue to rise in popularity, buttressed by software like Zoom and newer applications that utilize virtual and augmented reality, bringing the virtual classroom to one’s living room.  Transforming remote learning into a virtual reality experience will ameliorate the remote-learning process, meaning students could potentially learn almost as effectively from their home as within a classroom. Additionally, cities will gradually implement 5G networks, meaning many opportunities to invest in companies associated with this technological advancement should arise.

Finally, traditional equity investments are not the only opportunity to increase one’s capital in the post-pandemic world.  Cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin in particular, are becoming more and more popular.  Fidelity Investments, an asset management company, recently said that it will open a Bitcoin index fund, known as the Wise Origin Bitcoin Index Fund I, after conducting research that concluded investors tend to favor adding digital assets like Bitcoin to their portfolio.   While the fund will most likely only be open to institutions and individuals with over $100,000, it is a major victory for Bitcoin, as Fidelity is a well-known and highly reputable asset management company, directing the allocation of over $8 trillion.  Moreover, many governments, such as the United States, Bulgaria, and Sweden have begun to stockpile some Bitcoin reserves. 

Future generations will probably look at 2020 as a turning point in technology, amongst other things.  Ultimately, new tech trends, along with people learning how to buy cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, are the main drivers of this trend.

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