New Australian TV show is 'Big Brother' for 'League of Legends' gamers

The show will be streamed on YouTube
By @nessdoctor on
the next gamer
Official photo of "The Next Gamer"

Some Australian “League of Legends” players will get the chance to win a huge amount of money and be Australia’s next e-sports star. A new reality TV show will be following several e-sports contenders in their journey towards being the best in the land.

This show is called “The Next Gamer," which pits LoL players against each other. The competition will be tight, and many players will be eliminated throughout the rounds until only the best is left. Aspiring players will go through a rigid application process where they are asked to provide their background and experience on the game as well as other related personal information.

According to, out of all the applicants, 40 will be selected for the show. These selected candidates will be competing against each other. They will go through several rounds until their number is narrowed down to 10 contenders, who will be relocated to a gaming house in Sydney.

Press Start says that “The Next Gamer” is basically "Big Brother" for e-sports fans. When the gamers enter the house, the battle will start online as they compete to be in the finals. The reality TV formula will happen the moment the finalists are grouped together. Once at the gaming house, they will participate in daily challenges and tournaments that will involve a lot more than just gaming. These will include mental tests, physical exertion and teamwork challenges that will test if they are deserving to be in Australia’s most valuable “League of Legends” team.

From 40, only 10 will be eligible to enter the gaming house. From there, this will be further trimmed down to just five after a week. The final five will be going head on against a professional “League of Legends” team from the region in the finale, but that is not where it ends. One player will have the chance to win $10,000 and the opportunity to be part of a professional team.

The show will be streamed on YouTube. So far, details remain vague and the official website carries a "Spawning Soon" message on the front page.